8 Ways Technology Is Impacting Modern Education

Laptops, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets occupy a considerable place in everyday life. Almost every sphere of human life cannot be dispensed with these devices. We use them both for work and for leisure. In addition, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are excellent assistants in education.

So, you can continue reading this article, if you want to find out something new about using modern gadgets in the field of education. Maybe, you have an assignment from your teacher to write a paper on such a topic. Then you can write my thesis paper with no efforts.

Ways How Technology Helps Us With Education

We prepared the list concerning creating educational technology. Scroll down to see what the impact of technology is. You can find something, that you already know and something that is new for your outlook. This list consists of:


  • A huge library in one device
  • Ability to work with text documents
  • The Internet is a source of useful information
  • Effective studying of foreign languages
  • Useful apps
  • Full reproduction of the information
  • Delay and vehicle
  • The Almighty pen


1. A Huge Library in One Device

The school program is varied, and students have to carry many textbooks every day. And if you add to them more notebooks, a diary, and other necessary things, then there is considerable weight. It is difficult for a child to wear such weights every day. Besides, constant loads can negatively affect the posture.


In this case, tablet computers will be very useful, for which you can download electronic versions of the necessary books. The memory of modern tablets is enough to put entire libraries of textbooks and additional literature. Such a device is very compact and does not take up much space in a backpack or bag.


In addition, you do not have to worry that you will forget the right book at home since on the tablet there is everything needed all the time. So, we think that is one of the best things for the development of educational technology.

2. Ability to Work With Text Documents

Studying in a higher educational institution is almost impossible without a laptop or tablet. Writing lectures, creating presentations, writing abstracts, term papers and diplomas cannot be done without a modern gadget.

3. The Internet Is a Source of Useful Information

Finding information for a report, research paper or preparing for the exam is very convenient, using gadgets. The owner of a smartphone or tablet always has access to the World Wide Web.


Today practically everywhere there is a high-quality 3G coverage that provides stable and high-speed access to the Internet at any time and in any place. In addition, all devices support the function of Wi-Fi. Thus, a cell phone or tablet is a storehouse of useful information, to which there is constant access. Moreover, it promotes the information technology.

4. Effective Studying of Foreign Languages

Learning foreign languages is very convenient and interesting with the help of a smartphone or tablet. Having a free minute in the transport, in the queue, at the break, you can listen to audio lessons or watch movies in a language that you want to learn or improve. Thus, you can devote to learning a foreign language for at least half an hour every day, which will guarantee a quick and good result.

5. Useful Apps

Today there are a lot of different apps that can be installed on smartphones and tablets. They can be entertaining, cognitive and educational. For example, you can install all sorts of encyclopedias, collections of formulas, political and economic maps of the world on your device. People who study music can install applications that allow customizing musical instruments, train your ears and even create your own music.

6. Full Reproduction of the Information

Another useful gadget is a recorder because it is not always possible to remember manual lectures. The recorder does not let you miss important things (especially when the student is tired and does not have time to learn all the information in the lecture). So, it’s a great idea for tech education.

7. Delay and Vehicle

Since scholars and students are prone to tardiness, they can buy an electric board or an electro-board. There are electro-boards that are good for the city, but a teenager can experience great love for a board like the Boosted Board or Longboards. With such a board, it will move faster, but in addition, it is quite an interesting kind of gadget for instilling a child’s love for activity on the street.

8. The Almighty Pen

This device will be able to transfer all handwritten text (if it is in a digital form) to any media, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or PC. Special applications that can be found on the Internet without any problems will help you make entries in photos and other images, adjust your entries and immediately send them to the “cloud.” The battery life of the Equil Smartpen 2 is seven hours, which is enough for most of the classes in the classroom.


Thus, it can be confidently asserted that without digital technologies the learning process will be less comfortable, and in some cases practically impossible (we are talking about higher education institutions).