Another 5 Dance Practice Videos You Need To Watch

We might a bit biased with our list in our previous post about our favourite dance practice videos. Therefore, we decided to share our top 5 girl group dance practice videos this time. Major throwback alert!

Falling In Love by 2NE1

Blackjacks can keep falling in love with these ladies, even when they dropped this dance practice video 5 years ago. Who’s with us?


Crazy by 4Minute

Girl crush! The title itself described the fans’ reaction after watching this dance practice.


Boombayah by Black Pink

This debut song is a statement that they are going to be in the industry for a long time!


Oh! by SNSD

How can we forget our queens with their hot pink boots which made the fanboys roarrr ~~


Like This by Wonder Girls

The song was released back in 2012 and they always captured our heart like this ~~

Did we list your favorite dance practice videos? Feel free to share with us if you have more! ^^