How to Save Up for a Trip to Seoul

If you’re looking for a trip of a lifetime, you will want to take the next flight out to Seoul. Not only is the city world-renowned for its high-tech subways and jaw-dropping skyscrapers, but the South Korean capital provides traditional Buddhist temples, exquisite palaces, and delicious street food.

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The city is, of course, the ultimate destination for fans of K-pop, as there are many must-visit attractions to add onto your bucket list, such as G+Star Zone, SMT Seoul and SUM Market, and Hongdae.

However, you will need plenty of money in the bank to explore the very best attractions and events the capital has to offer. Stop frivolously spending money and find out how to save up for a trip to Seoul.

Book a Vacation on National Cheap Flight Day

Save money on your flights to Seoul by booking airline tickets on August 23rd, which is unofficially known as National Cheap Flight Day. That’s because this will mark the end of the peak travel season, which starts from April until 22nd August.

Prices will drop significantly during the off-peak season, which will provide you with more money to spend on luxurious accommodation, attractions, food, or drinks in South Korea.

Adjust Your Spending Habits

If you dream of visiting the capital of K-pop, but don’t have enough money to put into your savings each month, you might need to adjust your spending habits. Review your bank and credit card bills to identify where you are unnecessarily spending money, so you can stop wasting your income.

For example, are you going the gym enough to excuse the monthly payment? Could you cut down on your cable bill to reduce your outgoings? Or maybe you’re buying more clothes than your closet needs? If so, it is time to nip your bad financial habits in the bud. The money saved could then be added into your savings account.


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Say Goodbye to Debt

A trip to Seoul will never happen if you’re constantly juggling debt. Rather than applying for further credit cards and loans to fund your trip, aim to say goodbye to debt and increase your financial security, so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

If you want to eliminate debt for good, consider applying for a personal loan with a fixed interest rate. Your repayments will be the same every month, and you must use the money to repay your extortionate credit card bills. Checkout these Upstart reviews to learn more about a personal loan.

Continue to Save Once You’re Debt Free

Freeing yourself from debt is not an excuse to take out another credit card or loan. Your goal must be to naturally boost your savings, so you can fund a trip with your hard-earned money. Once your monthly debt repayments are over, deposit the same amount directly into your savings account. This will help you to finally explore the South Korean capital.

Skip Expensive Hotels and Housesit for a Local

Hotels in South Korea are notoriously expensive. Rather than booking expensive accommodation, boost your bank balance by housesitting in a local’s home. Not only will you have an affordable, comfortable place to rest your head throughout you stay, but you will also have access to their laundry facilities, so you will not need to pack lots of clothing.


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Book an Airbnb Stay

If housesitting doesn’t seem like the right option for you, consider booking an Airbnb for your visit to Seoul. Travelers can often book a stay that’s a fraction of a hotel room’s cost, and you can often enjoy a more personalized experience from the host. As it’s dedicated to offering fair prices to tourists, you might find it difficult to discover more affordable accommodation in the city.

Immediately Deposit Money into Your Savings Account

If you have taken the time and effort to identify ways to reduce your outgoings, you should immediately transfer the spare cash straight into your high-interest savings account. You can guarantee the $40 saved on your electricity bill or gym membership will quickly add up over time.

You also won’t miss the money either, as you would have usually spent it. If you don’t move it immediately, it could result in you spending your savings on something else, such as groceries or clothing.

Start a Side Hustle

If heading off on a dream vacation to Seoul seems like a million years away due to limited funds, increase your bank balance by starting a side hustle. This means using a skill to make money in your spare time. For example, you could sell crafts on Etsy, cook homemade meals for busy professionals, or walk your neighbors’ dogs in your spare time.

Keep a Change Jar

Do you constantly have cents and pennies in your pocket, wallet or purse? Those small coins can all add up to a large sum of cash that could buy your airline tickets and/or accommodation, which you can deposit directly into your vacation savings account.

Get into the habit of emptying your pockets every night to place the money in your change jar, and you might be surprised by how quickly it will add up. Also, as you won’t have the money to spare in your pocket, it will prevent you from impulse buying.

How to Save Once You’re There

There are various ways to stretch your finances once you touch down in Seoul. For example, if you want to explore the city affordably, buy a T-money card or Cashbee card to save money on all forms of public transport, such as taxis, subways, and buses.

Also, if you want to explore the best of South Korean cuisine without flashing the cash, you should eat where the locals do in the capital. Rather than booking a table at a high-end restaurant, don’t be afraid to try the inexpensive yet delicious street food, such as Samgye-tang (ginseng chicken soup) and bibimbap (a Korean mixed rice bowl), which offers unforgettable flavors that will explode onto your tongue.

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