“I am WHO” album and Early Noise 2018: Stray Kids playlist available on Spotify

Spotify has partnered with Stray Kids to release a four-part mini video series on social media that features the inspiration and sentiments behind their latest album, “I am WHO”. Grounded on the theme of empowerment, this album is a perfect mix of their melodious vocals paired with soulful lyrics that coalesces with their upbeat, energetic tracks. Fans will also have the opportunity to get to know Stray Kids better by streaming their Early Noise 2018 Playlist.


Get Intimate with Stray Kids

Today, the first episode of the mini video series can be accessed on Twitter, @SpotifyKDaebak and Spotify’s Facebook Page. Focused on their title track, “My Pace”, the boys will be sharing more about what it means to go at your own pace and how they have chosen to express themselves musically.



Dedicated to all music lovers and fans, the Early Noise 2018: Stray Kids playlist features the group’s favourite tracks and thoughts on their latest album “I am WHO”. Other questions Stray Kids will address include, which is their all-time favourite track; where they get their inspiration to write and compose music from; and what they want fans to take away from their music.


Happy Streaming!