Jackson Wang Takes You on an Adrenaline Pumping Tour of Hong Kong

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just want to take it nice and easy, Hong Kong has the activity for you to make you feel alive. Charge on fearlessly and discover the active side of Hong Kong with Jackson Wang!

Turn up the heat with a wide range of competitions!

Despite its small size, Hong Kong is just brimming with energy as it plays host to a wide range of competitions that even has Jackson feeling the fever!

With summer around the corner, the fun is set to kick off with the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival in June. While lying and sunbathing on the man-made beach, witness the grand occasion featuring intense battles between international dragon boat teams along Victoria Harbour, and see dragon boat athletes having fun by dressing themselves up for the occasion. Then, cool down at the Carnival’s party and just rock the night out! In October, the Hong Kong Cyclothon brings together international elite cyclists to compete for the title while riding through the iconic buildings in Hong Kong. Amateur cyclists are also welcome to take part, and join the people and families from all walks of life who will also participate in this event. Be part of the thousands of people who will ride and tour around Hong Kong, and enjoy the feeling of the wind in your hair.

At the end of the year, breathe easy at the emission-free HKT Hong Kong E-Prix, and watch as racers get ready, get set, and go! Feel the speed and rush along the roads in Central Waterfront, and listen to the roaring sounds from the engines on both sides of these roads. After that, there’s also the Longines Masters of Hong Kong just raring to go. A series of fast and furious international sports events are waiting for you in Hong Kong!

Take it slow and feed both body and soul

Hong Kong might be a concrete jungle, but hidden amidst the hustle and bustle of the city are pockets of quiet and calm for you to just take a step back and relax. To experience a more relaxed pace of life, head to The Pulse at Repulse Bay and enjoy a drink in their al fresco dining restaurants, experience the slow life where East meets West in Stanley, or enjoy seafood and have a party on the high seas in Sai Kung. If you love hiking, you won’t want to miss the Maclehose Trail in Hong Kong which has been named “one of the best hiking trails in the world” by National Geographic! In addition, you can even enjoy a 360-degree experience along Asia’s best hiking trail, watch the most beautiful sunrise in the misty clouds or enjoy the sunset in a field of Golden Miscanthus here. Lose yourself in the countless breathtaking views that this busy city has to offer!

If you really want to get to know the essence of Hong Kong, what better way to do so than by a bike ride around the city? Enjoy the breathtaking sea view along the Tolo Harbour Cycling Track. If you reach Tai Mei Tuk before sunset, you can even sit down and enjoy the tranquility as you watch the sunset over Plover Cove Reservoir. And if you love idyllic scenery, head to Hong Kong’s back garden, Nam Sang Wai, where bushes meet wetlands and flocks of birds gather, and be inspired to come up with a poem or two!

Attention all thrill-seekers

Only by being at one with nature can you really understand what it truly means to be free. Leap onto roofs and vault over walls, soar above the mountains and the sea, and experience the adrenaline rush as you discover a side of Hong Kong that’s brimming with energy! Apart from the major competitions and events, there are also eight paragliding spots in Hong Kong waiting to be conquered! Visit sites such as Long Ke Wan Campsite in Sai Kung, Pak Tam Au, and Pat Sin Leng, and glide with the wind as you take in a birds’ eye view of Hong Kong! It’s all there waiting for you! Are you game?

Immerse yourself in the sporting events, and feel yourself come alive for the love of the sport. Whatever gets you going, Hong Kong is sure to have it! As a dynamic city, Hong Kong is always on the move. This is also why Jackson is always looking forward to the next sport or activity! After all, you’ve got to live while you’re young!

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