New KPOP Mobile App: KPOP Play

There are millions of K-POP fans all over the world as the “Hallyu Wave” continuously influences their daily lives. Fans are spending their time with their mobile phones and personal computers to have an access on what’s the latest update about their favorite Korean superstars – SHINee, Girls’ Generation, BTS and more. Most of them are satisfied in visiting various web sites and mobile applications to gather contents such as news, videos and images but some of them find it time-consuming and tiring.

That is why Android developer, DS Entertainment proudly presents the must-have app for all KPOP fans called “KPOP PLAY”

KPOP PLAY has been launched on August 2018 on Google Play Store which is now available for download. And it’s free! It offers three general feature – Chat Rooms, Videos and Information.


Chat Rooms allow users to interact with their fellow K-POP fans globally. They can join fandom-based group chats such as EXO-L Chatroom, ARMY Chatroom and BLINK Chatroom. Users can talk about anything about their favorite idols with text and images. Chat Rooms require users to create an account using their email and a password, so they can access it with identity.

Videos feature will allow users to see new music videos, popular videos, karaoke and fancams inside the app. The videos are sorted and categorized so that users can’t get mixed up. Visit New MV to show new music videos or go to Karaoke to sing along with on-screen lyric videos, all are sorted based on date! Fan-taken videos of idols while performing in an event were also inside the app!


Information compose of facts, news and images inside the app. Users will be interested in KPOP Profiles feature, where they can see the list of K-POP groups or artists sorted by name, containing an updated information about them. Facts such as group’s fandom name, current number of members, list of albums and former members can be checked here. Current and rookie groups will be added in the
feature every day! Another form of information inside the app is the Idol Pics, which contains high quality images of their favorite idols that are sorted by albums.

This android app updates these features every day, so that K-POP fans can be updated every time. With the help of Push Notifications, they can know what the new music video is for today, or if a breaking news came, they can know it instantly through the app!

Amazingly, this app provides everything what are needed as a K-POP fan. The developers will continue adding more contents in the future so that users can enjoy staying with the app.


KPOP PLAY is now available for free on Google Play Store (Android). Fans can install it using this link:

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