[Event Coverage] THE KING’s Get Together in Sabah, Malaysia


Last April, THE KING held their first Get Together Party in Malaysia around Klang Valley and Ipoh for three days.

Last weekend, they held another Get Together Party in Sabah!

This time, THE KING stayed in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for two days with three free showcases organised at three different venues which are Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Centre Point Sabah and Suria Sabah.

THE KING consists of five members, Sejin, Dong Hyeok, Seungjae, Choi Rang and Bawool.

We managed to get glimpse of these young men during their press conference with other members of the media and some lucky fans.

Below are some of the questions posed during the Q&A session.



Q : What is Malaysia’s traditional delicacy you would like to try?
THE KING : We would like to try satay. We want both beef and chicken satay ^^


Q: What is the best way for us to remember you?
Bawool : You can remember me as the youngest in the group.
Choi Rang : I’m the one who always pranks the younger members. And also I’m the coolest member.
Seungjae : I’m the eldest, but I act as the youngest most of the time.
Dong Hyeok : I’m the one who has a lot of allergies. And I do a lot of exercises.
Sejin : I hope you can remember me as the leader of THE KING, a singer and a designer.


Q : Are there any places in Sabah you would like to go?
THE KING : Waterfront? We went there yesterday. Just kidding. We want to see Mount Kinabalu.



Q : Do you have any other showcase schedules after Sabah?
Sejin : After this showcase, we have schedules in Osaka, Japan, in Dubai and Brazil.


And this time, they came with one of the fashion models in Korea, Joo Wondae as their special guest.


Q : What is the most memorable moment in your career as a model?
Joo Wondae : I think the most memorable and exciting moment for me is now. Because it’s my first time in Sabah, and I really want to visit a.other country to meet new friends. Thank you for having me here!


Q : Did you prepare any surprises for your first visit to Sabah?
Joo Wondae : Actually, my job is a fashion model and I do a lot of runway or photo shoots. But these days, I prepared myself to sing a song. This is my first time singing a song and I’m a bit worried about it.



Q : What is the best way to get to know you?
Joo Wondae : I have blonde hair, so it’s easy to notice me!


Q : If your fans want to become a model just like you, please give them your encouragement.
Joo Wondae : Everyone can be a model. You just have to be brave and I will support you. Fighting!


Q : How about the fans who want to be an idol?
THE KING : To be an idol, you need to have a lot of knowledge to be prepared before your debut. Imagination sometimes will come true so you need to imagine a lot so you’ll know what to do to achieve your dream. Lastly, don’t ever give up and make sure you have a good stamina.

The fans who came to the showcase was excited as they could interact closely with their idols with games, lots of selfies and also an autograph session.

THE KING performed a total of six songs including one song with Joo Wondae.

Joo Wondae also performed his own rendition of Eyes, Nose, Lips and received a good response from his fans.

We would like to thank the organiser, Yi Pin Studio for the invitation to THE KING Get Together Party Tour in Sabah.