Why You Should Campervan Road Tripping Ireland

After reading that Dublin was included in the list of 21 places to visit in 2018, drafted every year by the prestigious National Geographic, I thought it was about time I could finally share my personal experience with my campervan road trip all over Ireland starting from Dublin.

After all, in addition to the beautiful and culturally lively Dublin, the Emerald Isle has so many places worth visiting: think of the rebel Cork, the artistic Galway, the colorful Kinsale … In short, beautiful places (and often also little known to the most, less touristic and more authentic places) there are plenty of them and a road trip on the island would be a great way to spend holidays learning something more about this incredible country in a unique way.

Photo Credit : National Geographic

But how to plan a campervan road trip in Ireland?

You could think of starting from the capital of Dublin, full of pubs, museums, galleries, parks, shops and much more.


Rent a campervan and start road tripping!

Renting a campervan is a great option to explore at your own pace, together with your travel buddies in a convenient, adventurous and old-fashioned way.


What else you need to get started

Of course, you need a car but another thing you should definitely have is a motor insurance to make sure you can travel safely and stress-free. Insurance with thea.ie could offer not only a motor insurance but so much more such as a comprehensive car insurance insuring you, your car and all the other vehicles you are going to use, as well as a courtesy car if something bad happens. This will give you flexibility and more options to keep going while road tripping Ireland and exploring its incredible beauties.  I always rely on this website as it’s the best!


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After your stay in Dublin, you can head north to Belfast: although the city is under British jurisdiction, a visit here should not be missed! Belfast is in fact known for being a culturally fascinating city, with many visitors coming every year.

Then descend to the west coast to reach the famous Galway, recently made even more known by the British singer Ed Sheeran, who sings in one of his songs.



Galway is a city that surprised me: colorful and quiet during the day, it turns into an open-air party in the evening! Its uniqueness is the many street artists that cheer every corner of the city: I assure you that Galway remains in the heart.


Following the Wild Atlantic Way

Follow the Wild Atlantic Way and take the opportunity to visit enchanting places like the Aaran Islands, Limerick, Killarney National Park and finally Cork, the Rebel City of Ireland.


Photo Credit : Condé Nast Traveler

Cork is a must

A stop in Cork in your road trip cannot miss: despite being small, the city has character and it is impossible to forget it …


Some other hidden gems before heading back to Dublin

Then take advantage of the passage through the city of Waterford (the oldest in the island) and the Wicklow Mountains National Park to return to Dublin.

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