[Exclusive] Why S.I.S Will Be The Next K-pop Hit

New girl group S.I.S was in Kuala Lumpur for their first ever tour in Malaysia. Dubbed as the nation’s sister girl group in South Korea, S.I.S spent 3 days in Malaysia, from 31st August to 2nd September 2018 for their promo tour.

Thanks to YiPin Studio, we had a chance to have a fun chat with the girls and talked about a lot of things such as their strengths, wishes, hopes and much more. Read on to get to know more about these 6 charming girls!

With so many girl group debuting these days, S.I.S claimed that they have their own strengths compared to any other girl groups out there specially because they produced their own content. Each and every members of S.I.S have their own strong charms to capture the fans hearts.


Since their debut in August 2017, there were so many things that had changed since their debut days. Obviously they were just normal students and trainees before they turned out to be a celebrities like now.

Since then, they have to focus and take care of their image more, especially as they need to learn how to dress up or to make-up by themselves.


No doubt, to be an idol in Korea is never an easy path. Pretty faces and talent only doesn’t make any girl group successful. But all these young girls still chose being an idol as their career path.

S.I.S said whatever they do, they will always set a goal. As a newly debuted girl group, their goal is to get the first place on music charts. Reminded of that motivation, they always keep working hard, hoping that they will reach that goal one day.


When asked about the biggest goal they want to achieve as a group this year, S.I.S like every new group out there want to receive a Rookie Award.

Also, they are coming back with new album soon, so they hope the songs they will be promoting soon will be charted higher this time. They also wish to get invited to the year end music festival this year.


As a new group, they received a lot of advice from people around them, but one of the best advice they received is to sing with their own voices and to show the world what S.I.S voices looks like.

So, we are curious what would the girls be if they are not involved in the entertainment industry at all?


“Pro Gamer!” said Gaeul confidently. Dal said she wanted to be a painter while Anne said it will be fun if she became a P.E teacher.

Minzy always had a big love for learning languages, so it would be great if she can be a language teacher. The oldest member, J-sun said she wants to be a ballerina while Sebin the maknae says, she want to be a flight attendant if she wasn’t a singer.

There are thousands of good songs out there, so we asked the girls what are their favourite songs to be recommended to their fans.


We have a song called “I’ve Got A Feeling”, it would be great if everyone can listen to this song. It’s a good song!^^ Other than that, they recommended Camila Cabello’s Real Friends and Jeff Bernat’s Romance. Don’t forget to listen to the songs recommended by S.I.S everyone.^^

Since they are a lot of young people out there who wants to pursue music nowadays, S.I.S encouraged them to not give up halfway in pursuing their dreams.

“You have to be passionate in anything you do for a long time, that’s how you will be successful in this career,” said the leader of the group, J-Sun.

[BONUS – Pick A Member] We did a quick game where they need to point to a member according to our questions below :

1. Who has the best first impression among the members?

Gaeul! – She has a baby face with round eyes and short hair during that time. She was so cute and looks like a good kid!

2. Who has the hardest time picking up dance moves?

Gaeul! (self-point) – Everyone is doing great job but sometimes when the choreography was very hard, it took awhile to move my body along.

3. Who has the best fashion sense?

Anne! – She has a lot of interest in clothes and she really likes accessories. Sometimes she likes to overdress just to challenge herself with fashion.

4. Who is the most quiet member?

Minzy! – She is very energetic when she is with the members but her personality is very calm compared to others.

5. Who is the loudest member?

Sebin! – When the atmosphere is very quiet, they need Sebin the most!

6. Who is the best cook?

Gaeul! – She likes to cook. Sometimes she will make food for other members before they go to school. Aww!

7. Who is the most different member on and off camera.

Anne! – She’s not the type with a lot aegyo, but when she’s on stage she acts cute a lot!

Last but not least, S.I.S has a message to all their fans, especially their Malaysian fans out there. Check out the video message below:

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