[Travelogue] Chuncheon, the Heart of Gangwon!

Although most have heard of Chuncheon, its not all about Nami Island as there are much much more hidden gems in the area!

Well known as the ‘Romantic City’, we brought you some of the best attractions in Chuncheon that we visited during our recent trip to South Korea.

Smily Peach Farm at Daeryongsan Haemaji Village

A nice village to visit, Daeryongsan Haemaji Village offers peach fruit picking and jam making programmes so visitors can learn the processes of peach harvesting.

During the trip we visited one of the famous peach farms in the village which is called Smily Peach Farm. We learnt how to harvest peaches, pack the peaches and we even ate the fresh peaches on the spot!

Where : 333-3, Shinchon-ri, Dongnae-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

How to get there :

– [Train] Chuncheon Station (ITX-Gyeongchun Line).
– [Taxi] Take the taxi to the village. It is about 20 minutes rides and costs around 9,900 KRW.

Experience fee : 10,000 ~ 30,000 KRW


Seoyanggang Skywalk

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Seoyanggang Skywalk is one of the famous tourist spots in Chuncheon. Built atop Uiamho Lake, this observatory structure proudly has of a total length of 174m, making it the longest skywalk in Korea.

As a person who is scared of heights like myself, it was quite a scary experience to walk on just a pane of glass. But do not worry as there are three sheets of glasses that are strong enough to hold you up there!

Before entering the skywalk, everyone was given a pair of cloth shoes covers to put on at the entrance. Girls, no heels allowed here ya!

Where : 2675, Yeongso-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

How to get there :

[Train] Chuncheon Station (Gyeongchun Line), Exit 1.
[Bus] Cross the street to take Bus No. 11 and get off at Statue of Soyanggang Maid Bus Stop.
[Walk] Walk 200m to arrive at the skywalk.


Nangman Traditional Market / Yukrim Street / Chuncheon Myeongdong Street

Daebak, there 3 in 1 places to visit around this area!

Nangman means ‘romance’ in Korean. Nangman Traditional Market has classic layout style of coffee shops, restaurants, fruits, clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes shop. This market became even more famous because of the Korean drama “Winter Sonata.”

We stopped by one of the small restaurants in the market to have lunch noodles. The restaurant was quite packed during lunch that we have to queue a bit to get inside. It’s wasn’t that long as the service is quite fast there.

After having a refreshing lunch noodles, we strolled around Yukrim Street and Chuncheon Myeongdong Street for some shopping!

While Chuncheon Myeongdong Street is one of the most popular shopping streets in the heart of downtown Chuncheon, Yukrim Street is well known as the filming location of K-drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

Yukrim Street is a newly developed place where the old and the new meet. The street is filled with a few decades-old stores as well as trendy shops and hip restaurants too!


Where : 34, Myeongdong-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

How to get there :

– [Train] Chuncheon Station (ITX-Gyeongchun Line), Exit 1.
– [Bus] Take Bus 9, 12, 20 or 150 and get off at Jungang Market.


Gubongsan Mountain Observatory Café Street

Gubongsan means ‘the mountain with 9 peaks’. It is a cafe area where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Chuncheon. It’s also a famous dating spot these days.

We stopped by the Twosome Place coffee shop to take photos at the famous glass box that sticks out from the rooftop of the cafe.

Then, we bought some coffee and cookies and enjoyed the breathtaking view at Santorini, the most famous cafe with a theme of Santorini from Greece. We love leisuring and lazing around like this 😀

Where : 1154-113, Sunhwan-daero, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

How to get there :

From Chuncheon/NamChuncheon Station or Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Songam Sports Town. It takes about 10- to 15 minutes only.


Canoe at Mullegil

Since it was a summer trip, it was perfect to have some outdoor activities to enjoy with your family and friends. Mullegil is a great place to enjoy water sports on a beautiful lake and river.

I would suggest everyone to try canoeing! It was tiring but we had so much fun together. Feels like I gained some muscles after canoeing… Haha

Don’t know how to canoe? Fret not, you will be trained beforehand and the staff will guide you.

Where : 113-1, Sports town-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do

How to get there : From Chuncheon/NamChuncheon Station or Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Songam Sports Town. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes only.


We definitely had a great time in Chuncheon! We especially love our cosy stay at Heyy, Chuncheon. Thank you AirAsia X for flying us to South Korea, it was a pleasant flight. We especially love the in-flight meal, Kimchi Fried Rice!^^


Airasia flies directly to Seoul from Kuala Lumpur everyday. From Seoul to Chuncheon, you can take ITX Train (Intercity Train EXpress) from Yongsan or Cheongnyangni station in Seoul to Chuncheon station, and the journey takes about 1 hour.

Buy your tickets now at www.airasia.com and start exploring Chuncheon! Don’t forget to keep yourself updated so you don’t miss out on the latest promotions from AirAsia X to Seoul.


Special thanks to AirAisa X and hosting city, Gangwon Province:


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