Actress Song Ji Hyo, Honorary Ambassador for the Biggest Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (KBEE) in Singapore

Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo is one of the most famous K-Lifestyle festival that combined Hallyu, such as Hallyu stars and concerts, with promotion of consumer goods and service products of Korea. Around 120 enterprises of Korea’s well-loved cosmetics, fashion clothing, daily necessities, food, health care, K-Pop goods, Education, and ICT are participating in the exhibition & sales promotion, and hold business meeting with Singaporean enterprises.

Not only performance, fan signing event, press conference, and social contribution event(CSR) of honorary ambassadors will be held, but other various events, such as K-Beauty Makeup Show and Influence Live Streaming Show, will be held as well, for the festival of seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing.

Song Ji Hyo, the honorary ambassador, is an actress, as well as a multi-entertainer as a model, MC, and entertainer. She is an influential Hallyu star with the maximum followers of 5.1 million for social media in the Greater China Region. Currently, she is actively performing in entertainment shows, movies, and soap opera including ‘Lovely Horribly’. Beauty variety TV show of her own name, ‘Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View’, broadcasted in 9 Asian countries at the same time, not only succeeded domestically, but also in Southeast Asia, which led her to be named as honorary ambassador this time.

The named honorary ambassador will strive until the 2nd of November at improving positive image of Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo and our products through various events, such as fan signing event, press conference, and CSR event (for example: all profits from selling ‘Charity T-Shirt’ with the star’s signature and donations from participating enterprises of Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo will be donated to Singapore welfare facilities), starting from opening greeting and K-Pop performance on November 1st. The second lineup of honorary ambassadors is going to be released soon. A lot of love and attention from local K-Pop fans are expected.

Song Ji Hyo, one of the Asia’s fashionista, has filmed the special ‘Web Video Contents’ with 10 products of beauty and life-style enterprises, in advance of broadcasting the TV show of her own name: Song Ji Hyo’s Beautiful Life. Cinematography techniques have been applied to this video and the full contents will be opened to public through YouTube. There will be a PR booth on-site(Singapore KBEE) as well. She is planning on holding ‘K-Beautiful Life Festival’ in Southeast Asia next year, so more attention and interest are expected.