[Event Coverage] WINNER Wins Thousand Hearts at EVERYWHERE Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Although the hype from iKON 2018 Continue Tour in Kuala Lumpur hasn’t died down yet, their labelmate, WINNER took over the stage at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam on 14 October 2018. And we were not complaining at all!

WINNER consists of four good looking and talented members; Seungyoon, Seunghoon, Jinwoo and Mino who were in Kuala Lumpur for their first ever solo concert in Malaysia.

WINNER was last visited Malaysia in 2014 as a guest artist at 2NE1’s concert, and after 4 years, they are finally back for their own concert tour in Kuala Lumpur.

As we proudly watched their growth as artistes and entertainers, WINNER definitely never disappointed us. Appearing in front of the 6,500 crowd at 6PM sharp, WINNER performed a series of hit songs from their early albums until their latest album.

Kicking off the Everywhere Tour in Kuala Lumpur with Empty, AIR, Hello and Everyday, WINNER was welcomed by the deafening screams and a blue ocean of lightsticks.

“Malaysia, what’s up! We are so excited to see you guys. Let’s have great fun tonight!” greeted WINNER.

WINNER continued to impress the crowd with their solo performances. We were treated with versatile performances from each member, starting with a hot and sexy performance by Mino, cooled down by Jinu with a ballad song. Yoon followed by showing off his voice and guitar skills, and last but not least a dance feast by Hoony.

WINNER won hearts with their efforts throughout the concert. Yoon said they really want to experience Malaysian culture but couldn’t because of the time constraints but still, they ordered Malaysian cuisine such as Sate, Mee Goreng and Nasi Lemak from the hotel room service. And he fell in love with Malaysian food!

During their ending ment, the subtitles appeared on the screen which created a slightly awkward situation, but Yoon told the fans they prepared the script just because they really want to communicate with fans. “Don’t laugh,” he added cheekily.

INNER CIRCLEs (WINNER fan club name) also took this chance to show some love to their favourite artist. They turned on the roses LED during the encore which turned the whole stadium so colourful and beautiful!

Roses are synonymly linked to WINNER, especially Mino was really fond of blue roses. Touched by the fans’ surprise for them, WINNER thanked their fans “Thank you so much. It is really our happiest day!”

WINNER performed 20 songs that night including their best chart-topper, Really Really… not only once but twice including encore!

We Really Really had so much fun at the concert and we hope to see them again soon. Check out our instagram for more snippets during the concert!

Special thanks to Macpiepro for the invitation.




1. Empty
2. AIR
3. Hello
4. Everyday
5. Body + Turn Off The Light (Mino Solo)
6. Untitled, 2014 (Jinwoo Solo)
7. It Rains + All Of Me + Instinctively (Seungyoon Solo)
8. Serenade + RingaLinga (Seunghoon Solo)
9. We Were
10. For
11. Raining
12. Movie Star
13. Immature
14. Love Me Love Me
15. Special Night
16. Island
17. Really Really
18. LaLa

19. Don’t Flirt
20. Luxury
21. Really Really
22. Everyday (Remix)