[Event Coverage] ZICO: The King Of The Zungle Tour in Los Angeles!

 (Photography by Albertina R.)

On October 21, 2018, Zico kicked off his solo concert ‘”King of the Zungle” in Los Angeles, California at The Novo for his US stops. Zico (지코) is the leader of Korean idol group Block B. He is also a song writer, record producer, and rapper. He has two solo albums, “Gallery” and “Television” and also appeared as a producer for “Show Me the Money” for Seasons 4 and 6.

His hit song ‘Tough Cookie’ was the opening song of the concert, the fans cheered on and that hyped up the show even more. Shortly after, during his talk segment, he greeted his fans with a smiley face while getting a few sips of water to quench his thirst saying, “LA, What’s Popping? Hey guys, so glad to see you! This is Z-I-CO!”

He then asked fans if they missed him and the crowd screamed with excitement replying back saying, “YES!” He continued on saying he was thankful to the fans who came out to his show and that he’s happy to be back in LA to see everyone.

He mentioned, “Today is the 4th stop for my solo concert and I’m thankful. Welcome to the Zungle! I thought I would get nervous because I’ve been doing a lot concerts as a group and not alone, but I’m really excited. The reason why the concert is titled The King of the Zungle because you know, you know why. In my music career, I believe my music is a lot of work that I created. I am the producer and king of my jungle.”

As he reaches down for his water to take another sip, fans cheered for him saying he is handsome and that they love him. He then asks the crowd, “Are you ready? Make some noise!” as the fans screamed all around the venue.

After a few of his performances, he asked the crowd, “Do you guys like it?” Fans then chanted, “ZICO, ZICO, ZICO, ZICO” which lead to a big smile on his face. He talked about wanting to perform pieces he couldn’t perform often and since music is like a diary, so he likes expressing his feelings through his music. Zico mentioned that he does not consider himself as a rapper, but an artist who can rap. He said to look forward to see what he can bring in the future.

“I was a bit nervous because I have to perform alone. With you guys helping me out, it’s like my members are with me. Also, a shout out to the performers, as now we are heading to the end.” He then hyped the crowd with the ‘Okey Dokey’ fan chant and performed the song.

Zico delivered 110% and engaged with his fans very well. He had an awesome set list for his concert with songs like, ‘Artist’,  ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Eureka’, ‘Predator’, ‘Fanxy Child’, and ‘Yes or No’. Zico’s graphics and cinematography was on point! Everything was well put together and some of the effects gave a nostalgic feel to the concert.

We got to taste a little bit of The King in his jungle at this concert. Sadly, the show had to come to an end and Zico said his final goodbyes!

Lastly, we at K-popped! would like to give thanks to MyMusicTaste and Zico for having us!