Seungri to Perform at X INFINITY World Music Showcase in Malaysia

Seungri will be back to Malaysia next week!

Gathering famous musicians, talents and renown celebrities from all over the world, be prepared to be wowed by the X factor portrayed via different music genres and styles, and the power to dream at INFINITY.


Music had always been important to every generation. We witnessed how much music has evolved from the 1920s to what it is today, and it has fully integrated into our daily lives, where it becomes convenient and accessible. Whilst millennials today are tech-savvy, growth in the music industry is being driven by live music – and growth in live music is driven predominantly by the millennials. Now in their 20s and early 30s, millennials are attending more concerts and music festivals compared to the generations before, with almost 40% of them attending a concert or
music performance in 2017.



Millennials are constantly seeking for experiences that will intrigue their senses and make them feel more connected to other people, the community and the world. With that, X Infinity and JS Entertainment had specially-crafted X Infinity World Music Showcase to represent such unique individuality, valuable experience and irreplaceable engagement to Change The Way You Live Life.


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The artistes’ line-up comprised of Seungri as the youngest vocalist from the top South Korean boy band –  BIGBANG, as well as powerful vocalists such as the Chinese female singer, Della, and Malaysian-Chinese singer-songwriter, Gary Chaw, who had enjoyed tremendous success in Taiwan, Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.


X Infinity World Music Showcase will be taken place on 31 October 2018, from 8:30pm to 10:30pm at Genting International Convention Centre (GICC).