Unleash Your Creative Superpowers through Samsung’s #BlueAndYellow Movement

The Galaxy Note9 offers a new kind of style that has different elements blending and mixing with one another rather than staying static in its place. It started with the combination of the two key components that make up the Galaxy Note; the product itself and the S Pen. Unlike the previous Note generation that has matching colour combination, the user will be greeted with a contrasting bright, cheery yellow-coloured S Pen once it is pulled out from the Ocean Blue Galaxy Note9 that exudes youthful energy and rational level-headedness.

Inspired by the familiar sceneries of a cityscape that is filled with human emotions, the Ocean Blue embodies the lively energy of a city on a clear day. It expresses a stylish and youthful emotion, at the same time exuding a sporty attitude with a distinct charm. On the other hand, yellow often associates with warmth and fun that brings in the sense of openness and creativity. The two colours serve as contrasts to one another but also blend well while appealing to the senses, altogether completing an unprecedented and powerful impression of the Galaxy Note9.


As blue and yellow are the hues that are dominating the current fashion trend, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is calling all Malaysians to participate in its #BlueAndYellow movement to add a little creativity and happiness to their lives and to their social media timelines while at the same time unleashing their super powerful creative imagination through their art, pictures and videos.


To get in on the action and be part of the movement, simply:

  1. Snap a picture that largely consists of the colours blue and yellow
  2. Proceed to upload that picture onto your Facebook and Instagram accounts
  3. Add the hashtags: #BlueAndYellow and #GottaHaveIt
  4. Tag Samsung’s social media page at @samsungmalaysia


If you are looking for more inspiration, visit the Samsung Galaxy Studio9 that is showcasing the elements of blue and yellow in the heart of KL City (in front of Fahrenheit88) from now until 31 October 2018. Just take your selfie/wefie in one of the three selfie spots followed by two additional hashtags: #GalaxyNote9 and #studio9MY, and you will stand a chance to win two tickets to enter the Selfie Museum inside Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur weekly!


Discover Studio9 today and be part of this #BlueAndYellow movement to unleash your creative talents!