[Event Coverage] DAY6 Makes a Youthful Appearance in Minneapolis

(Event photographed by Mai V.)

DAY6 is a 5-member boy band who debuted under JYP Entertainment on September 7th, 2015 with the song, “Congratulations”. The band consists of Young K (bassist), Wonpil (keyboardist), Jae (guitarist), Sungjin (rhythm guitarist), and Dowoon (drummer).  

Not only are the members talented at playing instruments, but they can also rap and sing. Since their debut, DAY6 has been nominated for many awards including (Gaon) New Artist of the Year 2016, (MAMA) Best Band Performance 2016, (Melon) Best Rock Performance 2017, and plenty more.  

Recently, DAY6 won the Genie Music Popularity Award at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards 2018, which is a great victory in itself.

DAY6 kicked off part of their first world tour in North America titled “Youth” beginning in Young K’s hometown, Toronto, on November 9th of this year. The tour was then followed by cities such as Minneapolis, Atlanta, Philadelphia and ended the stretch in Los Angeles on November 18th.

On November 11th, 2018 DAY6 held a concert at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota – home of the Vikings and many My Days (a.k.a DAY6 fans).

Although the day was bitterly cold, My Days made the effort to come out to see their beloved DAY6. Before the concert started, My Days queued in line for hours. Many fans were seen wearing DAY6 merchandise and hanging onto their handmade signs of their favorite DAY6 member.

Thanks to My Days who gave us permission, we at K-popped! received the opportunity to interview them before the concert to find out why My Days loved DAY6. Through these interviews, we found out that many My Days who came to the concert lived within the area of Minneapolis or traveled from nearing states. 

One My Day in particular, named Marrife, came all the way from Canada just to see DAY6.  Marrife told us that she liked DAY6 because they made their own music and that this was her first time at their concert.

Another pair of My Days (who came from Wisconsin) were just as ecstatic to see DAY6 live. Shantie mentioned that her favorite member was Wonpil because he had the voice of an angel and good mannerism.  

Her friend Jodi, on the other hand, mentioned that her favorite member was Young K and that the reason she liked DAY6 was because she connected with their music. 

We also interviewed a My Day named Jamesee, who was a fan of DAY6’s Jae since he was on K-pop Star, Season 1 (a music competition show). We were utterly surprised at how long she had been a fan of Jae!

My Days themselves are truly passionate and dedicated fans.

All in all, we could feel the immense amount of love from My Days who were interviewed before the show.

One by one, the fans entered the venue excitedly as the time neared for the concert to start.  My Days knew that that night was going to be unforgettable because of DAY6.

Around 7:30PM the stage lights flashed brightly, which caused heart attacks for My Days left and right. “Feeling Good” played overhead and fans danced with joy until the song ended. 

Once the lights dimmed, a video played at the front of the stage, which caused My Days to scream their lungs out as each member was introduced.

Afterwards, black figures were seen walking across the stage and My Days nearly fainted – it was DAY6 themselves! Soon the lights changed into blue with a dream-like backdrop and DAY6 opened the concert with a heartbreaking song, “I Smile”.

Next, DAY6 played “First Time” followed by “Better Better” and “Whatever!”. After the first three songs were performed, the members of DAY6 stopped momentarily to chat with fans. 

Jae asked if My Days were ready to get crazy and in response it was a bunch of screams from everyone (which probably meant “yes” in fangirling dictionary).  Sungjin then told everybody to enjoy the concert and My Days surely didn’t want to disobey.  

Up next, DAY6 played their upbeat song about a first love called “Pouring”, followed by “How Can I Say”. Minutes after, DAY6 introduced themselves individually, making the crowd go wild. 

Jae then told My Days to sit down for their next song, “I Need Somebody” and “I Wait”, but then laughed and said that they didn’t have to if they didn’t want to.

After the two songs ended, DAY6 interacted with My Days some more. Young K asked, “How y’all feeling today?” and then asked Wonpil how he felt. 

Wonpil responded in English, “Umm… I’m so shocked…”.  Wonpil then went on to say that he was very happy that everyone was singing along with DAY6.

Like That Sun” was next up in line followed by “Be Lazy”, “Dance Dance”, “What Can I Do” and “Warning”.  After “Warning”, DAY6 talked to My Days again.  

Young K asked Wonpil if there was something he wanted to do.  Wonpil then replied with, “I will play you a song,” and began playing on his keyboard. 

Young K then asked everyone if they knew what the song was and fans responded by singing along to “I’m Serious”.  

It was an amazingly chilling experience to hear how well My Days knew the lyrics in Korean.

Once “I’m Serious” was over, “Talking To” was performed and “Shoot Me”. Afterwards, Young K told the audience that they had already performed so many songs.  

My Days then began to mimick Young K and Young K asked My Days if they wanted to copy Sungjin and Wonpil. Wonpil (looking like a lost duckling) said, “Are you ready?” and took copying to a whole other level.

We watched the fun moment between Wonpil and My Days unfold.  Just take a look for yourselves down below! 

(Video belongs to ayemwhyyyy)

The song that started DAY6, “Congratulations”, was performed right after. This made many My Days emotional as it brought them back to DAY6’s debut days.  

You Were Beautiful”, “I Loved You” and “I Like You” were next on the setlist. After “I Like You” ended, DAY6 left the stage and a special VCR appeared at the front of the stage where the members were directing their own video.  

My Days laughed at how silly DAY6 was and the mess (in a good way of course) that was being revealed.  Once the video was over, DAY6 came back out in casual clothes and performed “Letting Go”.

Unfortunately, the night was coming to its stop. Jae went on to tell My Days that he hoped they had a good time and that they were excited to be back on an American tour. He also mentioned how special My Days were to him.

Dowoon told My Days that he was thankful they enjoyed DAY6’s songs during the concert even though this was their first time in Minneapolis. Dowoon was also thankful that My Days sung in Korean even though he knew how hard it was and that he would show better music in the future.

Young K mentioned how that night was amazing and that everyone was good at enjoying the night.  He also said it was an honor to be with great people and that he wanted My Days to promise to stay with them.

Wonpil told My Days that he was nervous about the world tour, but after hearing fans sing with them, he was not nervous anymore. Wonpil also said he made some good memories in Minneapolis and that it had been fun.

Next, Sungjin told My Days that they lightened up the road for DAY6 when they were lost. To Sungjin, My Days sparkled and shined the road for them and that DAY6 will keep My Days’ roads shiny in the future too.

Finally, Jae wanted to say something for the last time. From the crowd someone shouted, “I love you!” and Jae sweetly replied back, “I love you too!” loudly.  

Jae then went on to talk about what youth meant to him and gave empowering words to My Days. Afterwards, DAY6 took a photo with My Days to keep as a memory of the wonderful music-filled night and fun they all shared.

Once the picture was taken and the DAY6 members went to their positions, Young K shouted, “Minneapolis, are you ready to have fun for the last time?” while he smiled energetically. Fans shouted over and over again as Young K hyped everyone for the last time.

The end of the night neared as DAY6 performed “I Wish” and “Freely”.  My Days sung and danced freely – giving their remaining energy to DAY6. As the last song “Sing Me” played, DAY6 headed out into the crowd and gave hi-fives while enjoying themselves with My Days.

Unfortunately, as the final song played its last beats, DAY6 returned to the stage to say their thanks and bows before leaving.

My Days waved their goodbyes to the ones who gave them happiness even though they didn’t want the night to ever end.  Maybe youth didn’t last long, but memories from My Days’ youth would forever remain thanks to DAY6.

Lastly, we at K-popped! would like to thank JYP Entertainment and Subkulture Entertainment for having us be part of DAY6’s 1st World Tour: Youth in Minneapolis, Minnesota.