[Event Coverage] Seungri performs at X Infinity World Music Showcase

Malaysian VIPs (BIGBANG fan club name) rejoiced when the maknae of BIGBANG was back again in Malaysia for a joint concert.

Organised by X Infinity and JS Entertainment, X Infinity World Music Showcase was officially launched at Genting International Convention Center (GICC) on 31st October 2018, featuring BIGBANG’s Seungri, renowned China singer Della Wu and our Malaysian Golden Singer Gary Chaw.

Gary Chaw

Gary Chaw was the first performer of the night, kickstarting the concert sharp at 8.30PM. Making his debut 17 years ago, Gary Chaw said, “I wanted to deliver pleasant songs, so I started writing my own songs”. This had proven to be his persistency in his music. With 《Super Sunshine》 album, he had won the Best Male Singer at the “Golden Melody Awards”. He then brought us with Under A Vast Sky, Greatest Love of All and his all-time-classic Betrayal.

Della Wu

Next performer is renowned China singer Della Wu. She had earned the title of “The Flawless Singer” because of her wide vocal range and superb live singing skills. In conjunction to this event, she led her fans and audiences with popular tracks like The Same Moonlight , Unable To Guess and the breathtaking performances from “King of Mask Singer”.


The highlight of the concert, Seungri, brought us back to memory lane with BIGBANG’s famous tracks such as LiesFantastic Baby, Fxxk It and Bang Bang Bang. He also performed two of his new songs: Where R U From and 셋셀테니 (1,2,3!) from his new album 《THE GREAT SEUNGRI, which was released in July this year.

Greeting the fans in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Seungri said he feels good to be back in Malaysia again as he always feels Malaysia is his second hometown. He said he is always interested in Malaysian culture and wished to sing a Malay song someday in the future. Oh how we wish it will become true!

Seungri is also well known for being witty, he joked, “I know you guys want to see GD but unfortunately I’m not. But I don’t care!” He then jokingly asked the fans to follow his Instagram, “Follow me! I need more followers! GD has more followers (than me). He is a superstar. I’m a so-so star!” Whereby the whole convention centre erupted in laughter.

Thanks to its overwhelming response, the concert was a great success, aimed at promoting X factors and infinite possibilities amongst the youngsters nowadays! It’ll raise everyone’s expectation towards X Infinity in near future — a NEW platform for different varieties of music, catering to all music lovers and to encourage one in pursuing his/her dream to live life to its fullest!

Special thanks to X Infinity and JS Entertainment for inviting us. We had a lot of fun throughout that night!^^

Photos credit : JS Entertainment/X Infinity