[Exclusive] Han Hee Jun talks about being in variety shows and being in Malaysia for the first time

A new name in the industry but the crooner is no stranger to fans of TV survival shows. The Korean singer even impressed Jennifer Lopez and brought her to tears with his rendition of Michael Bolton’s How Am I Supposed to Live Without You. Who is this guy and how is he able to sing in front of Ms Lopez? Read on as thanks to Galaxy Fan Week in Malaysia organised by Samsung, we were able to sit down and chat with Han Hee Jun, the Korean who impressed the American Idol judges.

What have you been up to lately?

I am currently hosting the After School Club and also regular roles on Korean radios. I have about 6 regular jobs now, and I am pretty much lucky to be able to do that now. And my new single is out on November 6, and just being busy doing this and that.


Will you be making an appearance on music shows?

I am trying to be on music shows but am not a big fan of doing shows on TV. I felt that the music shows should be an opportunity for the younger generations. There are many other young K-pop stars who I would like to give more opportunities to be on those kind of shows.


Will you be interested to be apart of shows like Immortal Songs?

I have done so many survival shows, and I feel like I might not want to be in any other survival shows for now. But if there is any opportunity given, like if there is an artiste who is willing to invite me over for their songs, then yes.


You have been losing a lot of weight, do you have any tips on losing weight?

Dieting is not a healthy thing to do. Just live your life and live a great life. If I’m not working in which I have to look good on TV, I would never lose a single pound as dieting is very painful. But if there is any tips, work on having something that motivates you.



What do you think about Malaysia?

This is my first time here, had a great flight and the weather is perfect here. I love satay, which I had the day before.


How does it feel hosting After School Club?

It’s a privilege to meet the younger generation artistes, and it’s a one hour live show. So if there is something wrong, it always has to do with me because I am the MC. It’s always nerve wrecking and I always have to be on point. So it helps me to develop myself as an MC and an artiste, and I will sacrifice more for the artistes. It makes me into a better person.


You have acted in 2 movies before, if you were given a chance, what kind of role would you like to act?

I was in West 32nd Street, which was the first for me in entertainment and the next one was Soul Searching directed by Benson Lee, who is a friend. It started with him telling me that I have to be on the set for just 2 days, as a cameo. But I ended up being there for 3 months, as one of the roles. Movies has always have been fun to do. They don’t really expect much for me. I want to play something like a serial killer or a bizarre character in which I can’t be in real life.


Name 3 apps that you use in your phone.

Kakaotalk, Instagram and Netflix.


Who is your inspiration in music and why?

Tony Bennett is my inspiration.



You have sang for OSTs before, and if given another chance, what type of drama OST would you pick?

I sang the OST for My Love Eundong, On the Way to the Airport and another  I can’t remember. It’s always great to see my voice or my music, of me singing gets combined with beautiful scenes with actors and actresses. And if I can sing for something, but I would like to sing for a war, or history drama. That could be fun.


Which singer would you like to collaborate with?

There is this new group call IZ*ONE. I came across them once when I saw them on the show Produce 48, and I thought that they were really cute.


As you have been in both shows, what are the differences between American Idol and K-pop Star?

American Idol,  a show which I participated on in America, is a show where they always encourage you. They cheer even if you don’t do good. But in Korea, they set up the atmosphere in which they put you in a corner and watch you suffocate, but if you pull it off, then you are a great artiste.


Do you have a favorite boy group?

I have never came across a boy band before, but my co-host Seungmin from Stray Kids is a really good kid, and I like them a lot.


If you are not a singer, what will you be?

I have never thought of that, but maybe something to do with cooking, like owning a restaurant or something.


Who inspired you to be a singer?

No one actually inspired me to be a singer, I always inspired myself. I always told myself that I can be a singer.


Do you have any messages for your Malaysian fans?

I wish I could come back and have my own show. And probably experience more cultural experience in Malaysia.

Thank you Han Hee Jun for spending time with us. His new single Starry Night is out now!