[Exclusive] Seungri talks about all things Malaysian!

BIGBANG‘s Seungri was here in Malaysia last Wednesday, Oct 31, for X Infinity World Music Showcase at Genting Highlands, Pahang.

K-popped! was lucky enough to land a chance to sit down for a chat with the man himself. Without further ado, read on for our exclusive interview with Seungri!


K-popped! : Welcome back to Malaysia! How does it feel to be back here again?

Seungri : I feel so good to be back here, I feel at home. I know I have a lot of fans here, and also I have good friends here. Plus, I just opened a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. I feel so great to be back.


K-popped! : What did you miss the most about Malaysia?

Seungri : First, the food! I love Malaysian food. Second, the fans! I love Malaysian fans! They are so energetic and passionate. They are THE BEST CROWD ever in my life!


K-popped! : Tell us about your album, The Great Seungri.

Seungri : The Great Seungri is my first full solo album. My last solo album was 5 years ago. Now, all my BIGBANG members are in the army right now, I’m the only one who’s left.

I want to keep the pride of BIGBANG’s name, so I focused on the energy and brought some of it into my music. I tried to bring some of BIGBANG’s styles and I also mixed my own style into it.

I worked with a super cool director and producer, Teddy hyung. All of YG’s best producers also helped me to produce this album. iKON’s B.I and Winner’s Mino, they both supported me by featuring in this album.

The Great Seungri is the most perfect album in my life.



K-popped! : You are well known as a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. Anything else you want to venture into next?

Seungri : I want to do something that I can share with the people. These days young people are stuck or are being too shy. I want to support them. If they (young people) have some good ideas, I want to invest into them. I will bring their ideas into reality. I want to be like a good mentor to them.


K-popped! : What has changed after your hyungs went to the army?

Seungri : When I was with BIGBANG members, I always asked them for any ideas. How about this? How about that? What about this? What about that? But now they have all left (to the army), I’m the only one left. So, I need to decide by myself, it is so different.

With all the 5 members ideas and now only one, my ideas… Sometimes it was so painful but I’m always thinking if all my hyungs are here, what are they gonna do? So, I always make decisions like this.


K-popped! : In one of the variety programmes, you said you really like Malaysian food. Which one do you like the most?

Seungri : Of course I like a lot of things! But erm… Nasi Goreng! That’s my most favourite Malaysian dish. Every time I go for a holiday or travel around, I always order Nasi Goreng. It’s the best I think.



K-popped! : So, if you can open a Malaysian food restaurant, would it be a Nasi Goreng restaurant?

Seungri : You know what, Malaysian food is the most familiar and closest to Korean food. The taste is so similar. If I’m bringing Malaysian food to the Korean market, I believe every Korean person will like it. I am seriously thinking of bringing Malaysian culture to Korea. (We hope soon!)


K-popped! : If you have to choose only one song to sing for your whole life, which song would you pick? Why?

Seungri : Only one? Erm… Fantastic Baby! I think that’s the most suitable song for me. Because I want to be FANTASTIC for the whole of my life! (laugh)


K-popped! : You seem to be enjoying your life to the fullest! Any tips to people out there on how to enjoy their life?

Seungri : You know these days we can enjoy our life so easily. We can get any information easily too. Either on Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, it is so easy these days to share my life with people out there.  So what I wanna say is, I hope people can share their life to the world. Do not keep it to yourself!


That’s the end of our interview with Seungri. We do wish Seungri all the best in all his ventures and hopefully he can be our Malaysian ambassador by bringing Malaysian culture to Korea.^^

Special thanks to X Infinity and JS Entertainment for arranging this interview.