Kpop video community startup Amazer raises US$1.3M in Series A funding led by BTC Investment

Korea based Kpop video community Amazer has raised US$1.3M in Series A funding from BTC Investment, ICB and others.

Founded in 2016, Amazer provides a video community platform where young generation can share their passion for Kpop artist and music. The app allows users to upload 15-to-30-second-long videos of them dancing or lip syncing to K-pop songs. They can rise to in-app fame by doing well in “battles,” where other users have to choose between two videos on a split-screen display and “swipe right” to vote their favorite, which helps their favorite influencers boost in the leaderboard ranking.


Amazer team has collaborated with Kpop idol groups like MOMOLAND, Monsta X and Dreamcatcher to promote their new albums globally, where Kpop lovers can shoot their cover dance video just by mirroring the guided video generated by each idol member. 9 out of 10 Amazer users are teens overseas, including from North America, Germany, and South East Asian countries like Thailand, Philippine and Vietnam.



The Series A funding will be used to expand its user base and scale their new business model throughout SEA regions.


In 2016, the company closed a US$0.6M seed funding round from GS Home Shopping and KTB Network, and has since continues to grow its Kpop community.