Spotify celebrates Stray Kids’ “I am YOU” album with a video treat for STAYs

With their latest album “I am YOU” just released, Stray Kids have prepared yet another sweet treat for their STAYs. Available on @SpotifyKDaebak, the boys created a cheeky, playful video of themselves dramatically reading their favourite lines from some of their latest songs in “I am YOU”. In addition, each member has also dedicated a special message of encouragement to their fans.

Curious to know what it is? Find out for yourself at @SpotifyKDaebak on Twitter.


In true Spotify style, indulge in everything Stray Kids from the playlist, This Is Stray Kids. This playlist features all their latest songs alongside their best hits. For all things K-Pop, don’t forget to follow Spotify at @SpotifyKDaebak on Twitter.