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[Event Coverage] BTOB’s fan meeting in Malaysia left fans with good memories

Last Sunday, Korean group BTOB held their fan meeting in Malaysia in front of hundreds of fans who have waited for the members to come and perform. The meaningful event was held in Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre and glad to say the house was full of screaming Melodies wanting to share their time with their idol BTOB.

The show started around 5 P.M. that evening with BTOB opening the stage with their song “Missing You” much to Melodies’ delight. Shortly after, the members began their greetings to fans. Despite not having their leader Eunkwang with them, Changsub mentioned that he is present in BTOB and Melodies’ hearts. Seungjae who recently was in Malaysia for a private event lighten the mood with jokes about the mobile phone he came to promote for. LOL

They continued the show with “Friends” and made Melodies sang along with them throughout the song. Other songs that BTOB performed at the fan meeting were “Only One For Me“, “It’s Okay“, “Please“, “Movie” and “Blowin’ Up“. In between the song performances, BTOB members played games with fans and also grant some of lucky fans’ wishes. DJ Hani from ERA FM did a good job as emcee throughout the sessions, teaching them all they need to know in Bahasa Melayu. ^^

All members said their goodbyes and thanked all fans for making time to the fan meeting. It got a little bit emotional during Changsub and Minhyuk‘s goodbyes as this would be their last overseas schedule before serving in the military.

During encore, BTOB sang “Finale: My Concert” which fit the ambiance and it was a beautiful closing song as they gave roses to their fans. Overall it was a memorable fan meeting and BTOB really did their best to make Melodies happy (and laughed their hearts out!) throughout the show.

We also thank WE Entertainment for the invitation and kudos to them for organizing such a good event.