[Exclusive] Getting Hi-Life with Hi-Lite Records!

It has been a month after Hip hop fans in Malaysia been blessed by Hi-Lite Record visits to Malaysia for their Hi-Life Showcase in Kuala Lumpur. During their showcase, Hi-Lite Record consists Paloalto, Huckleberry P, YunB, Reddy, Sway D and G2 has successfully grabbed many hearts of Hi-Lite fans that been yearning for them to visit Malaysia for so long. And we also didn’t wanna miss out a chance to meet them in person and ask couple questions! Check out our short interview and ‘Pick One’ session with Hi-Lite Records.

K-POPPED!: Why did you pick Malaysia as one of the stop for Hi-Life? We actually Have many Hiphop fans in Malaysia, but we never can guess that Hi-Lite would pick Malaysia as one of the destination.

Paloalto : Because we got invited by the organizer. We believe we have many fans here that loves our music. So we decided to come to Malaysia!


K-POPPED!: What’s new for this last quarter of 2018?

Yun B : We have a lot of project in coming for you guys. First of all G2’s Album gonna come out this December and im very excited for him. And second we have 4 or maybe more tracks coming out as an unit in December. And also we have an announcement of a new member soon! Huckle P got 2 tracks coming out today and also preparing for his 8th solo concert. And Reddy too just released his single ‘Stand By You’ and my album is coming out in January. And we got a lot more!


K-POPPED!: Do you guys still consider yourself as an underground or mainstream hiphop now?

Paloalto : That is not important anymore. For me music is music.

G2 : That fine line that we considered between underground and mainstream is no longer exist.


K-POPPED!: Can you share abit of your experience in the SMTM? As we all know how famous the show is worldwide.

Paloalto : it is great. We have many talented rapper coming out there, it is good. The track we made for it are very popular and been love worldwide. It is great.


K-POPPED!: Any hiphop artist from outside Korea and Hollywood that you are listening too?

Paloalto : I don’t know rapper from Malaysia but I wish I could listen to them soo. But we’ve been listening to Japanese, Chinese and Thailand rapper too. And yeah we have met a Malaysian rapper before few years ago. SONAONE! He came to visit our studio for an interview.


K-POPPED!: Obviously right now there are so many hiphop crew in Korea. How you guys maintain your team on the top and not falling behind interm of trend in hiphop compared to other crews?

Yun B : Well, 1st of all we don’t fall back on the trend. And 2nd of all we are workaholic. And of course the main point is because we are good!


K-POPPED!: Do you have any Idol Rappers that you think is a hiphop gem right now?

Everyone : Zico!

Reddy : Bobby

Paloalto : Mino! These days many Idol rappers are great. There is no boundaries.

Yun.B : These days everybody is good on the rap skills.


K-POPPED!: Palo, can you share abit with your fans about 4THEYOUTH album that you produced with JUSTHIS.

Paloalto : That album was good to me. Me and JUSTHIS been working on it for 1 and a half year. It has many tracks and it is great! That album is the legacy of Korean hiphop! Please show some love to the Album. Thank you!


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Sway D

Huckleberry P