innisfree Bija Cica Skin

innisfree’s Bija Cica line is enriched with ingredients which protect the skin such as bija oil which has anti-bacterial and regenerating effects. It also contains Centella Asiatica 4X which provides intensive cica care for troubled skin.

Bija Cica care products are not only a great solution for troubled skin, they can also be incorporated into your daily skincare routine to protect against skin concerns for all skin types. Bija Cica care a day keeps your skin concerns away!

Introducing innisfree Bija Cica line new addition:


innisfree Bija Cica Skin (RM77.00/200ml)

Formulated with glycerine, squalene, and panthenol, this toner helps to maintain the skin’s oil-moisture balance to
relieve skin trouble caused by dryness from the inner layers of the skin. If your skin feels dry, you can apply a few layers of this product to reintroduce moisture to your skin. It is concentrated with 30 times the content of Centella Asiatica 4X to address troubled areas and contains bija oil which helps strengthen the skin’s protective ability. This products has completed non-comedogenic testing to prove that it is safe for use for those who suffer from acne.


innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink

innisfree’s most vivid and cottony collection is back with new shades! Introducing the NEW Vivid Cotton Ink Autumn Maple Collection available in 5 shades inspired by the changing colours of autumn leaves. These products’ glossy texture glides smoothly across your lips, leaving a velvety matte finish that feels soft outside and dewy
inside. Formulated with Shine Essence Oil Complex, it brings out the tint colour while allowing your lips to retain its moisture. The colours stay fresh and vivid on your lips for long stretches of time without smudging.


innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink (RM41.50/4g)



innisfree Limited Edition Premium Case (Suede)

This fall, innisfree is giving its inni-friends another opportunity to customise their makeup routine with an understated, classy new look: suede. Available in warm and inviting colours, these new Limited Edition premium cases are available for both My Cushion and My Palette. You can expand the way you express yourself and immerse yourself in this year’s fall season.


innisfree Limited Edition My Palette Case (Suede) (RM32.00/Small)


innisfree Limited Edition My Palette Case (Suede) (RM40.00/Medium)



innisfree Limited Edition Suede Case

innisfree Limited Edition My Premium Cushion Case (Suede) (RM40.00)



innisfree Dual Pore Cleansing Brush

Remove impurities effectively with innisfree’s new Dual Pore Cleansing Brush. This tool has two sides to best effectively assist you in your daily skin care regimen. The ultrafine brush has super soft and thin bristles to clear impurities from your pores and the silicone brush works to remove blackheads and dead skin cells inside your pores. The silicone brush can also be used to massage your lymphatic glands to stimulate blood circulation and relieve swelling.


innisfree Dual Pore Cleansing Brush (RM70.00)

The brush comes with 19 microfiber holes to efficiently distribute the clusters of bristles to produce a rich amount of
foam when in use as well as to speed up the drying process after use. Its handle is shaped to allow for a good grip when it is in use; it has a wide base so that it can dry hygienically in a standing position.


2018 Green Christmas DIY Kit (1 – 31 December 2018)

Purchase any product from 2018 Holiday Limited Edition collection and get a DIY Christmas Stocking Kit* at RM10.


Purchase it at its original price at RM30.

With every purchased of DIY Christmas Stocking Kit, innisfree will donate RM10 to World Vision’s Malaysia Assistance Fund to support child-related development in areas of their livelihoods, education, health, and nutrition in Mukim Tulid and Tatalaan, Sabah.


4th inniversary Special (1 – 31 December 2018)

*Inclusive of Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml,
Green Tea Foam Cleanser 150ml,
Green Tea Morning Kit, Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask 10ml.


Purchase a 4th inniversary Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask Set* at RM75.

*Inclusive of Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask 100ml,
Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask 10ml,
Bija Trouble Trial Kit.


Purchase a 4th inniversary My Perfumed Body Set* at RM126.

*Inclusive of My Perfumed Body Cleanser 330ml,
My Perfumed Body Lotion 330ml, My Perfumed Body Trial Kit,
My Hair Recipe Strength Shampoo 30ml.



Gift with Purchase (1 – 31 December 2018)

Tier 1: Purchase RM120 & above and receive a complimentary My Perfumed Body Trial Kit*.


Tier 2: Purchase RM210 & above and receive a complimentary Whitening Pore Kit*.


Tier 3: Purchase RM300 & above and receive a complimentary set of 2019 Magnetic Calendar Set* and MY innisfree Journey Kit**.


*While stocks last
**Applicable for innisfree members with any purchase of 4th inniversary special set only