In this upcoming December holidays, a four-member Korean boy group, MASC (Masculine 마스크) will be celebrating Christmas and New Year Eve in Malaysia with the fans! After the departure of few members, the remaining members of MASC are making their first comeback with Malaysia being the first country they embark on their promo tour.

The boy group, MASC is a new rookie group managed by LOTUS Entertainment who are not only talented but charming in their own ways. The boys are extremely excited to meet their fans during this promo tour and even mention that the fans are calling them to come over to Malaysia through their social media and V-apps. In the meantime, they are also looking forward to this upcoming promo tour in Malaysia as they heard Malaysia is a food heaven and the food is insanely delicious. Therefore, they appreciate this opportunity for being able to try different local delicacies in Malaysia.

With the arrival of MASC in Malaysia, Christmas and New Year Eve this year will be a lot fun to look forward to especially for the K-Pop fans and MaBlings! In this promo tour, MASC will first have their stop in Miri before heading to Kota Kinabalu and finally at Kuala Lumpur. Calling out everyone especially the K-Pop fans and MaBlings, mark down your calendar now and save the date to have fun with them because MASC will be coming to you real soon!


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