5 Unique Experiences for a Tourist in London

According to Statista, nearly 20 million tourists visited London last year and this number has been growing steadily over the last decade. It’s no wonder because this city is magnificent and offers entertainment for everyone. Unlike with the majority of European capitals, which all offer great architecture, Monuments, and museums, London is far more diverse. Here you can walk the streets following the bloody trail of the deadly Jack the Ripper one minute and enjoy a special ‘James Bond’ martini the next. Be sure to soak up as many unique London experiences as you can during your trip.

5 Best Unusual Things to Do in London


1.      Start your night with a James Bond martini

If you are a fan of Agent 007, you have to visit DUKES Bar. They say that this is where Sir Ian Fleming, the author who gave James Bond to the world, first ordered ‘shaken not stirred’. There might not be a guarantee whether this particular bar was truly the first. However, the special martinis are a signature of the place.

And with the luxurious design, you can truly feel like your favorite special agent when enjoying the drink.


2.      Take special London tours

Nearly every big city out there offers a tour of major landmarks, and often the historical center. However, there are many more interesting options of tours in London. Here you can follow the trail of horrors left by Jack the Ripper or walk the steps of little Harry Potter who is on his first journey of magical discovery.

Don’t forget the special relationship the Brits seem to have with haunted buildings, which resulted in many a ghost tour. And if you are looking for something lighter, you can go on a classic pub crawl or enjoy the many fantastic foods the capital offers. Overall, London tours are diverse and allow you to admire different facets of the city.


3.      Sleep with the lions (next to them, really)

The ZSL London Zoo is one of the main attractions in this magnificent city. It should definitely be on your basic list of places to visit in London. However, if you are looking for unique experiences, you should book the Gir Lion Lodge.

This is your chance to feel like the heroes of the Jungle Book as you wake up to the sounds of wildlife from faraway lands. The lions are actually secure in the enclosure beside the lodge, so every visitor is perfectly safe. This experience also includes private tours of the zoo after hours.


4.      Ride the Mail Rail

Did you know that in the old days post was so reliable, it was used to mail children. Literally. And the British Post is known to be the most reliable of all. You can get a glimpse of the complex system used to ensure every person got their mail by taking the Mail Rail tour in London.

This underground rail is one of the city’s greatest secrets, so booking your place might be a challenge. However, seeing the Post Office railway that functioned all through the World War II bombings is definitely worth the effort. You can also learn more about the formidable British Post in the adjoined museum.


5.      Immerse yourself in fashion

With it being so close to Paris, one often forgets that London is also up there with the top fashion capitals of the world. You can witness the eclectic fashion show that it this multinational city while walking the streets. However, the Fashion and Textile Museum will give you a better idea of what the people favored wearing through the ages.

Exhibits in this place are always exciting and you can attend many unique and interesting events, including some workshops.