[Event Coverage] MASC Bling Promo Tour in Sabah, Malaysia

MASC was in East Malaysia on Christmas day for MASC Bling Promo Tour in Malaysia 2018 and we managed to catch them performing at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu. This was their second stop after they wrapped up their promo tour in Miri, Sarawak.

MASC consists of 4 members, Woosoo, Heejae, Moonbong and Ireah and their group name is the abbreviation for “Masculine”.

They started their performance with 3 songs ; “Tina”, “Strange” and “Why Always Me” before they introduced themselves and wished everyone “Merry Christmas”. They got a warm welcome from MaBlings who had been waiting for them since it was a public holiday.

After their performance, they invited 4 lucky fans to became their partners to play games on stage. They played charades where Woosoo, Heejae, Moonbong and Ireah need to give clues of random topic for their partners to guess the answer.

They performed a final song “Meaningless” before they bid farewell and thanked MaBlings who came to support them during their tour.

We would like to thank the organiser, Yi Pin Studio for the invitation to MASC Bling Promo Tour in Malaysia 2018 which kicked off on 22nd December until 31st December 2018.