[Event Coverage] MASC showing off their Masculinity in Kuala Lumpur


Continuing our excitement after the MASC show in Sabah, we attended more  MASC Bling Promo Tour Showcase in Kuala Lumpur. Living up to their name Masculine, both of their show’s performance in KL really left us in amaze.




MASC Showcase in Fahrenheit88 on Sunday started around 7:30 in the evening. Many Mabling has gathered to watch MASC performing. The show started with MASC introducing their self to the fans and performing their hits song Tina, Strange and Why Always Me.




The session continues with MASC playing game with the fans. The group divided into 2 with 2 MASC member and 2 lucky fans and team MoonbongxHeejae won the game and get to give their fan a selfie pass.

After the game, MASC performed I Cant Breath and closing the stage with Meaningless. But the showcase didn’t end just like that, the fans who bought passes and album get to meet MASC personally on stage for a selfie, hi 5 session and also fansign.




On the next day, we also attended MASC show in Avenue K to celebrate our last day of 2018 with the boys. The small venue at Avenue K were really packed with Mabling who attended the show on that Monday. MASC performing to similar songs as the day before but with different energy and charisma.




And just like previous showcase, the organizer has prepared a game session with the fans in between the show. From the game session, we can acknowledge that MoonboongxHeejae team is very skillful in playing random games as they won the competition again!


MASC taking selfie with their fans during Selfie session


The showcase ended with selfie session, Hi 5 and mini fansign. The boys really happy when they bit goodbye to the fans because of the great love they received from Mablings in Malaysia and hoping to come back again to Malaysia with even better performance in the future.


We would like to thank YiPin Studio for inviting us the the Showcase. it was a great session and we had fun throughout the event.


Come check out MASC performance video below!




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