Women & Concerts: What To Wear

When your fave KPop star announces a new tour, the excitement is overwhelming. Organizing your friends, making sure that you have tickets and travel sorted can take you away from the most important aspect of any concert experience: what to wear? Fashion trends may come and go, but the KPop scene has some strong looks that will make it much easier to get a better idea of your concert outfit. From the classic to the new, here are the best outfit combos to look at for your 2019 concert diary that will ensure you look good on the ‘Gram and that you won’t mind being tagged in pics either.

The Classic Tee

Band t-shirts are a staple of any concert, and KPop events are no different. The best thing about a band tee isn’t just that it highlights your fandom, but that it can go with almost anything. Wear your fave jeans or something more colorful, and your band tee will complete the look. Not only that, but t-shirts are fabulously comfortable, so you’ll be able to throw moves at your favorite star all night long.

The Skirt/White Top Combo

If there’s a single outfit that just screams fun, then it’s this look. This year is likely to be the year of yellow when it comes to trending fashion, but no matter the color, make sure that you look at some good plus size skirts to fit your body shape. Match your skirt with a crisp white top and you’ll look like you’re ready to get your party on.

Dress and Leather

The punkier side of KPop means that a combination of femininity and edge is the ideal concert outfit. Get yourself a white dress that screams elegance, then pair it with a leather jacket. You might even want to finish the look with some ankle length boots to really ooze your edginess into the crowd.

Shoe Options

Choosing the right footwear for a concert can be a challenge. You want to look cool, but you always want to be comfortable. This is going to come down to a personal choice, but the keys to remember are:

  • Sneakers: They look good and they will allow for maximum dancing too. Make sure that you choose a style with some thick soles, and your feet won’t be wracked with pain the next morning.
  • Boots: Sturdy and reliable, the right boots not only look good but they’re surprisingly comfortable as well.
  • Heels: For the bravest, wearing heels to a concert is the way to go. This is a risky option, and your dancing might be restricted. However, if sexy and confident is your look, then you won’t beat some sharp heels.

Concerts can become the foundation of a whole new outlook on life. As coming of age experiences, they are hard to beat, and you can never go to too many concerts in your life. Make sure that you hit the stage area with total confidence in how you look, and your KPop concert night could be one of the best memories of your life.