BTS to debut live on SNL after dropping their new album!

Just a couple of hours ago on Twitter, SNL left a clue for their fellow fans about which guests will be attending the show.

K-pop Fans are losing their minds and especially one particular group called ARMY (BTS fandom name) are losing their minds as three powerful letters were written down to spell out their latest guests.

Fans have been trending #BTSxSNL on twitter to show their excitement for the group as this will be their first live debut through SNL on April 13, 2019.

Even Wale, who collaborated with BTS’ Leader RM with “Change” back in 2017 has posted on his twitter about his hype to see them on SNL.

Also recently announced from Big Hit Entertainment, BTS will be making their comeback album named: MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, the album will be released on April 12, 2019.

The albums as usual will have 4 different versions. No official album cover has been made yet so fans can be expecting everything and more until it’s been released. US ARMY’s can pre order the albums now on Amazon, Target and the Official Big Hit Website.