Cool Trips Where You Might See Your Favorite Korean Idol

If you are a fan of Korean idols and love the chance to get to see them in person, what are discouraged because you might not have the opportunity to get to Korea oh, there are many other places that you have a great chance to see them. This is because Korean Idols travel all the time around the world and love to indulge in the culture and activities of other countries.

You might find them skiing or on the beaches of some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Here are a few other places where you might look if you are interested in finding a few of your favorite Korean idols. These also wonderful places for you, your family and friends to enjoy yourself and have a great vacation.


Spain is one of the most romantic countries in the world and is the gem of Europe. The Spanish people are world-renowned for their warmth and hospitality and they set the standard for the rest of the world. The country has lots of beautiful cities including lovely coastal cities like Barcelona and beautiful islands like the Balearic and Canary Islands. You can charter a yacht here and get to any of Spain’s beautiful islands or simply go up the coast as you please. Spain has become a top destination for Korean Idols because of its beauty and great food. Be like them and visit often.


Korean Idols love places that are cosmopolitan and cool and countries like the UK are at the top of the list. The country has as its capital London which is arguably the top European city and the one most desirable for Korean idols. No matter what metric you used to determine whether a country is great, the UK scores highest. Whether it is great cultural landmarks, museums, restaurants and cafes, sporting events, and entertainment venues, the UK delivers. London is the capital of the United Kingdom which is a country that is an island right off the coast of Europe. There are other great cities throughout the country and many large towns where you can relax and enjoy any type of activity. Whether It’s music or the other arts, Look for them year round. Many Korean Idols make London the first place to visit once they leave Korea. You can also often find concerts here featuring the top K-Pop Stars. So if you come to the UK, there’s a great chance that you might see one of your Korean idols.


How about a visit to one of the oldest societies on the planet. One that also as a modern touch and some of the greatest beaches in the world.  Greece is an island country filled with lovely beaches, sun-kissed caves, breathtaking views, whitewashed villages and amazing food. The country has something for every traveler. It is also a great place to do some sailing. With more than half a dozen islands to visit and each with its own character and stories you can rent a boat and sail during your entire trip here. Join your favorite Korean Idols and visit the home of Poseidon and the other Greek Gods.

Finding your favorite Korean Idols might take some work but if you go to the places they go, you will greatly improve your chances.