[Event Coverage] Nam Joo Hyuk Gets Personal at his 2nd Fan Meet in Malaysia

Nam Joo Hyuk was once again in Malaysia last weekend for his 2nd Fan Meeting, “2019 Nam Joo Hyuk Fanmeeting <Current> in Kuala Lumpur”. After the success of the 1st fan meet in 2017, the model turned actor looked more at ease and warmed up to the attendees from the get-go, as he opened the stage with a serenade.  Not a trained singer, Nam actually did pretty good with the song.  As fans were drawn in to the song, Nam, mid song, added an “Apa Khabar” (hello in Malay) and fans in unison, unexpected, answered with laughter and screams of adoration.

“Focus on me, and later we will have a moment to capture pictures together”, chimed the good looking actor, asking the fans to keep their phones away and to just enjoy their moment together in the 1 and a half hour show. As this is the 2nd time for him to be in Malaysia, Nam boldly chimed “Saya rindu kamu” and “Saya suka kamu” to the anticipating fans, which made them scream louder as the model emits a boyish smile.

The fan meet was segregated into several different segments in a manner that fans could get to know the actor a little bit better than before. In the first segment, fans get to crack his brain as to what Nam thinks of with each key word chosen. ‘Dazzling’, the first word chosen by Nam, is the name of the drama that he was in and recently finished airing on television. He explained to the fans that the most dazzling moment for him would be the exact moment he is in, in front of the fans.

In one of the segments, fans were served with a selection of songs from his personal playlist. With the revelation of his preferred selections, fans get to know the actor personally and understood more of the kind of person that they love and adored on television. One of the songs on his playlist, Duet by Rachel Yamagata, according to him, is best heard during a rainy day, while watching the rain falls,  painting a picture of how calm and mellow he is as a person.

At the fan meet, 2 fans were lucky to be served cocktails made by the actor himself. “This is my favorite cocktail and the only one I know how to prepare”, said the actor. While mixing the beverages, the MC kept asking the actor questions, to which he can’t reply as he was engrossed in the preparation of the drinks as to make the best for his lovely fans.

Time goes by too quickly as with the song “This Moment”, Nam Joo Hyuk closed the fan meet in Malaysia and ended the whole show with a ‘Hi-Touch’ event with lucky fans. We hope that the actor would keep coming to Malaysia and for his fans to get to know him better.