ONE HD | March favourites that you do not want to miss!

The K-frenzy continues with doses of drama and excitement with new shows coming this March on ONE HD (Ch. 393)! Tap into your sensitive side and be prepared to delve into a roller coaster of emotions with Big Issue and watch your favourite celebrities survive in Law of the Jungle!

Big Issue

Indulge in a refreshing drama circling around the influential power of news and media. A man (Joo Jin Moo) finds himself in ruins losing his entire career and family due to a disparaging photo by a paparazzi. Watch as the drama unfold as he gets a second chance from the notorious but capable editor-in-chief (Han Ye Seul) to redeem his status in the industry. Question is, can he rebuild his life in the same way that brought him down?

NOTICE: The premiere of Big Issue has been shifted to 7 March, every Thursday and Friday at 8.10pm. Don’t miss this refreshing drama brought to you by ONE HD!

Law of the Jungle in Chatham Islands

Premiering TODAY at 11pm, catch this exciting survival show as your favourite celebrities shed their superstar images and travel to the jungle where they will learn how to survive in the wild, rising up to the challenge away from the comfort of the city

Featuring confirmed line-ups such as Baekho (NU’EST), Nara (Hello Venus), Nancy (MOMOLAND), Bomin (Golden Child), Julien Kang and Go Sung Hee, tune in to the premiere of Law of the Jungle in Chatham Islands airs every Tuesday at 11pm only on ONE HD (Ch. 393).