[Press Conference] Ong Seong Wu and Fans Love for Eternity

Ong Seong Wu PC

Ahead of his fan meeting on Saturday, Ong Seong Wu met members of the media for a brief session. Looking a bit shy being alone on stage (after being with a group of 11 for a year plus), the artiste greets the media who had been waiting with a warm smile.

With a sold out show in Bangkok last week, the same vibe can be expected in Malaysia today where fans are reported to be coming from as far as the USA, Australia and over 800 fans from Thailand too!

First fan meeting organised by Hatchery, a Thailand based production and entertainment company, CEO Tassaporn Sukhapanth promises Malaysian fans a very unique show from the multi talented artiste who will be showcasing his versatility and talents in singing and dancing.

Ong Seong Wu Listened Contentedly

At the press conference, Ong expresses his nervousness of being alone for the first time after the the group Wanna One disbanded.  He is also grateful to the fans for still following and giving their love to him, and promises that the fan meet will be a present for all the loyal fans. “The 1st fan meeting is called ‘Eternity’ which signifies my eternal effort to make my fans happy and hopefully the love from my fans to me would be for eternity”.

Ong Seong Wu Gives Finger Hearts

After being in Malaysia for several times, he mentions that he has been to the night market, tried satay, and treasured the moment – he would like to come again for a holiday and to experience more culture and just being like a Malaysian. “I will keep coming to Malaysia with a more mature content and personality everytime”, chimed Ong.

Look forward to his show tomorrow night everyone!