[Event Coverage] A Good Day with a Great Man, Park Bo-gum

We have been missing Park Bo-gum since his last visit exactly a year ago for Samsung Galaxy S9 Promotion. When we heard the news that he will be coming back to Malaysia end of 2018, we were all excited and looking forward to the day.

The Press Conference

Time goes by, the day of Park Bo-gum to visit Malaysia for his 2nd fanmeeting in Kuala Lumpur finally arrived. Before his fanmeet on last Saturday, we were given a chance to attend Park Bo-gum’s Press Conference the day before the event. It was quite a number of crowd were at Mandarin Oriental for the PC as there are Media teams and also lucky fans gathered to meet Park Bo-gum prior his show. The PC started with Bo-gum introducing himself to the crowd by saying “Apa Khabar” and spilled that he missed Malaysia so much.

The MC was testing Bo-gum asking him if there is any Malay words that he still remember, Bo-gum said that the Malay words that he still remember till today is “Terima Kasih” because he feel so grateful to Malaysia fans and would like to tell it to everyone. He also said that since this is his third visit to Malaysia, he would love to visit Langkawi and Kota Kinabalu. But before that, he wants to explore Kuala Lumpur first as he didn’t get any chance to visit KL yet.


When been asked about Malaysia, Bo-gum admits that he has a very strong attachment to Malaysia as the first location for his past fanmeeting two years ago and says he remember dancing to Bombastic dance with the fans the most out of all.

Naming his fanmeeting with “A Good Day” title, Bo-gum shared that he picked that name as a significant of the good day he had with fans during last fanmeeting and to bring the same good day vibe but with more excitements and surprises to be share together with the fans this time around. As the ritual for “A Good Day” Fanmeet, Bo-gum said he has been doing youtube live after each of his show and mentioned that he really wants to share his emotion and appreciation to the fans and that motivates him to keep doing it even after 3 hours of on-stage performance.


When being asked about the character of Kim Jin-hyuk in Boyfriend, Bogum said he learned from the character that we should not take people around us for granted and appreciate them as they are there to support us. Bogum also said that even the character was very bold and honest toward the heroin on expressing his love, for him personally he wouldn’t have the similar courage to approach his future partner.

Sharing the audience on his future plan, Bogum said that he will be starring new movie “Seo Bok” together with Gong Yoo for his next project. The filming for this movie will be starting on May. Park Bogum asking for much love and support for his upcoming movie from the fans.


Talking about the growth of his acting, he said that he has broaden his eyes to see bigger picture and he cautiously think that he is getting better in understanding the character’s feeling and emotion compare to the past.


Loosing up a little bit on the interview, Bogum learn a new word from the MC which says “Saya Pakwe Awak, Park Bo-gum” before going through the end of the PC. He wishes that the Fanmeeting will went smoothly with passionate support from the fans who will attending.


The Fan Meeting

The next day we got a chance to attend Park Bo-gum Fanmeeting at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre. The show started at 6 with Bogum singing “I Like You” followed by his greeting to the audiences introducing himself as “Pakwe Awak, Park Bogum” to everyone. After the talk on his recent activities, Bo-gum continued his performance to another song, “Let’s go see the star”, “Through the night”, “Always be with you” and his famous OST from one of his dramas, “My Dearest”. These performances brought Bo-gum off the stage to get close to the fans as he walked from behind the audience seat to the front stage, meeting everyone on the floor.

During last fanmeeting, Park Bo-gum made a dish to the lucky fans, but this time around he prepared a diffuser for the gift. Combining the theme of Kuala Lumpur and Love for the decoration, Bo-gum carefully made and autographed the diffuser on his own. But the surprise didn’t stop there, he prepared many gift for the lucky fans. He brought gift such as t-shirt, seaweed, autographed calendars and season greeting. But what touched our heart the most was that he also gave away the apron and the shirt that he wore last 2 years here in Malaysia. We really touched to see on how much thought he had for the fans and still keeping the memory he had with them for the past 2 years.

The show continues with Park Bo-gum’s performances on the stage. On this night, we really enjoyed Bo-gum singing and dancing to “Bounce+Honey”, “With you”, “Swallowing with my heart”, “Entertainer”, “Here we are” and “One Candle”. We can’t deny that it really feel like a concert where he performed many songs and even dance covers to idols songs like “Twice – What is Love” and “Seventeen – Pretty U”. From singing, dancing, and even rapping, we now doubt on what this man name Park Bogum can’t do.

But the highlight of the night was when Park Bo-gum serenaded the cover of Malay song “Belaian Jiwa” by Innuendo. Bo-gum sang the song live and played the piano for music on his own. We were amazed with his jaw-dropping performance. Bo-gum pronunciation to the lyrics was very accurate and the tone was perfect. We didn’t even realized the song ended since it was too beautiful.

Bo-gum ended his stage with the song called “I Bless You” saying that the song was from his heart and wishing everyone’s life to have blessing by many good things.

It was overall a great 3 hours show. We can say that this is one of the the best fanmeeting we ever attended. We had a great time. The 3 hours was full of fun, excitement, laugh and affection. There were no windows open for boredom. From the time we had during the fanmeeting, we can feel that Park Bo-gum’s honest love and sincerity to his fans. We would like to thank the organizer for giving us the chance to attend it and Kudos for organizing such a great show!

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