Happy Black Day!

Calling all the singles out there – let’s gather and celebrate singlehood on Black Day! As Oh!K continues its celebration of love with Oh!K’s Sarang Haeyo, we are here to cheer up your lonely hearts on this special day!

Get ready to feast on jjajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce) – it’s a dish popularly consumed on Black Day, happening annually on 14 April. Other black foods eaten on this day include jjajangbap (black bean rice) and squid ink pasta – yummy! Singles also dress up in – you guessed it – black, as a way to embrace their singlehood. For more fun facts on Black Day, be sure to check out the attached and appended infographic!

To join in the Black Day festivities, we invited YouTubers Amosvsms to try out and give their verdict on jjajangmyeon and other popular dark-sauce noodle dishes! Find out which dish they liked best here!


And of course, no celebration is complete without our favourite romantic Korean dramas and plenty of laughter. Here’s how we do a Black Day Party at Oh!K!

Happy Black Day from all of us and Oh!K! And always remember, Oh!K Sarang Haeyo!

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