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[Event Coverage] Lai Kuan Lin left fans with a ‘Good Feeling’ at his Singapore Fan Meet

Former WANNAONE star Lai Kuan Lin blew his Singaporean fans away at the fan meeting yesterday.

Held at Zepp@BIGBOX, the event ran for over two hours as Kuan Lin sang, rapped, danced, gave away plushies and provided plenty of fanservice, including a hi-touch event with all members of the audience.

Speaking mostly in English (peppered with some Mandarin and Korean words), Kuan Lin also performed Wooseok x Kuanlin’s “I’m a Star(별짓)”, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Machine Gun Kelly’s “Let Go.”

During his performance of “Shape of You”, the CUBE Entertainment idol drove fans wild as he walked around the hall.

Kuan Lin also shared various pictures, including a picture of him and PENTAGON’s Wooseok, who he described as a ‘handsome giant’ and a great inspiration and brother.

There was also a picture of Kuan Lin in 4th or 5th grade, playing basketball, which he explained was his favourite past time, and he actually thought about becoming a professional player but felt he wasn’t good enough (he rated himself 5/10).

At 181cm, Kuan Lin’s no shorty, and said he grew 7 centimetres in a year back when he was in sixth grade, showing a picture of himself holding his class sign (Class 607) – the tallest student gets the privilege of holding it.

The fan meet was full of lively banter between Kuan Lin and emcee Ken, who moved onto the next segment – “The Four Best Pictures of Life”.

The first was a picture of Kuan Lin asleep in the makeup chair during a music video filming, while getting his hair styled.

He said that in the future, he’d like to try cutting his hair extremely short and colouring it gold, as after shooting his Chinese drama A Little Thing Called First Love, he wants a change of style.

Fans cooed as the next picture – Kuan Lin in a duck apron eating chicken fried rice – came on. The picture was from the fan meet VCR; apparently he doesn’t cook very often but WANNAONE’s Woojin told him his cooking is ‘not bad’ and Kuan Lin would like to cook for his fans one day (perhaps at the next fan meet?).

The third featured Suho of EXO, who took a selfie with WANNAONE in the background on the red carpet, next to a selfie of Kuan Lin with EXO in the background.

The Taiwanese rapper said he and EXO’s leader are still close, and often text each other despite their busy schedules.

The final picture was a selfie of him and WANNAONE’s jeojang king Park Jihoon, taken during the shooting of the variety show WANNAONE Go Zero Base.

Kuan Lin said he wanted to stay near Jihoon, and they ended up taking lots of selfies and eating Korea’s spiciest ramen – or at least he tried to, but after a bite he was done.

Kuan Lin said that if he had his own reality show, he’d want to show his real self, although he was unsure which part of his life he’ll show.

Next is the punny ‘Truth or Lai’ session, where Kuan Lin had the fans laughing as he answered fan questions with the ‘help’ of a lie detector machine.

Q1: What is your most attractive feature: eyes, mouth or dimples?

A1: My eye smile, as I normally don’t like laughing as I find it too loud. (Machine zapped him, he said it’s a liar.)

Q2: Do you prefer Edward or Kuan Lin?

A2: Both?

Q3: Yesterday was my (the fan’s) birthday, can you sing me a song or make a wish?

A3: I don’t really know the lyrics to ‘Happy Birthday’ but I wish for everyone to always be healthy.

Q4: Would you prefer to be the older or younger brother?

A4: Younger! So they can buy me food and take me shopping. (The machine zapped him again; he said it was lying)

Q5: What do you do when you’re tired?

A5: I listen to music, music is my life. I find there’s a difference between using speakers and earphones – with speakers it’s like you’re sharing the music with anyone around you, but I like earphones as you’re in your own world.

Q6: Is it uncomfortable to have long legs?

A6: Sometimes, such as in the back of a car or when flying… But I wouldn’t say uncomfortable because my momma gave me these. (Machine zapped him again; he told Ken to take it away LOL)

Q7: Would you prefer to act as someone with a similar personality to yourself or a totally different one?

A7: I’d like to act as someone with a similar personality, as in my current drama I’m portraying someone who’s different to myself in real life.

Q8: Do you miss your fans everyday, or just sometimes?

A8: Everyday.

Q9: Are you a pro at taking selfies?

A9: I am not, for sure (said with full confidence).

During the ‘School of Lai’ segment, emcee Ken acted as a teacher/principal and gave him a variety of tests, such as having to count bank notes while answering questions, reading and singing One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” (he gave up and said it was too high) and driving a remote control car to knock down Winnie the Pooh plushies and gifting them to fans.



Q : Edward or Lin Lin?
A : Edward.

Q : Chilli crab or laksa?
A : Chilli crab.

Q : Song you listened to recently?
A : Mind of a Stoner (Machine Gun Kelly) and Anxious (Austin Mahone).

Q : What do you want to do when you turn 20?
A : Travel.

Q : Chicken or beef?
A : Beef.

Q : Suit up or casual wear?
A : Casual.

Q : One word for the fans?
A : Thanks.

Q : Music or basketball?
A : Basketball.

Q : Three things you ate today?
A : Steak, cake and burgers.


After the lucky draw, 7 lucky fans walked away with autographed plushies of Eeyore and Tigger, while 8 took home unsigned plushies (originally the organisers were only going to give the 7 he knocked down, but Kuan Lin asked for all to be given away).

Towards the end of the fan meet, Kuan Lin said he was thankful for the fans who stood by him despite the change in his music style, and said that he would try his best as a singer, even if some fans or non-fans didn’t understand the change, and that he tried not to look at negative comments.

His wishes for 2019? To travel, release a solo album and return to Singapore.

Finally, he took a picture with all the fans, before we were organised into one long line for the free hi-touch event. Kuan Lin looked exhausted, but kept a smile on his face as we filed out, before he headed off for the group photo session.

We hope he comes back to Singapore (or Malaysia) soon!