ONE HD May 2019 Programme Highlights



The Nokdu Flower 绿豆花》

Currently airing on Saturday & Sunday, at 6.10pm

Cast: Jo Jung Suk, Yoon Shi Yoon, Han Ye Ri

In a rebellion named the Donghak Peasant Revolution, two half-brothers, Baek Yi Kang (Jo Jung Suk) and Baek Yi Hyuk (Yoon Shi Yoon) end up on a different sides due to their birth statuses. Will the test of morality, ideals and kinship drive them irreparably apart?


The Secret Life of My Secretary 《初次面我你》

Premieres 7th May 2019, Tuesday & Wednesday, at 8.10pm

Cast: Han Kim Young Kwang, Jin Ki Joo

Also known as ‘How to Train Your Blind Boss’, this is a story of how a prideful CEO Do Min Yik (Kim Young Kwang) learns to better respect and appreciate those around him – including his feisty but also passive secretary, Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki Joo).




Law of the Jungle in Thailand 丛林的法则: 泰国

Premieres 14th May 2019, Tuesday at 11pm

Cast: Kim Byung Man, Heo Kyung Hwan, Park Woo Jin, Hyun Woo, Yeri (Red Velvet), Mina (Gugudan), B.I (IKON)

On to the next destination; Thailand, Kim Byung Man and his A-lister friends will again shed their superstar images and travel to the jungle where they will learn how to survive in the wild away from the comfort of the city.

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