SubKulture Entertainment presents Stray Kids UNVEIL TOUR ‘I am…’ In Houston!


7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Sunday, May 19th

Revention Music Center

Houston, Texas

Rising stars Stray Kids from JYP Entertainment embark on their first ever U.S. tour “Stray Kids UNVEIL TOUR ‘I am…'” presented by SubKulture Entertainment! After starting their tour in Newark the boys performed in Los Angeles, and finally made their way to their last stop of the tour in Houston, Texas. Stray Kids is a 9-member boy group formed by a reality survival show also titled “Stray Kids” from JYPE. The members consist of Woojin, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N.

Prior to the show starting we talked to a few STAYs (Stray Kids fandom name) about their excitement to see the boys! Many fans flew from all over the world including France, Mexico, and Japan just to see Stray Kids perform in Houston!

“I watched the Stray Kids reality show on YouTube and was really pumped for their debut. I follow all of their social media’s so I can always be up to date with their latest news, Stray Kids are my ultimate bias group! I live in Puebla, Mexico but I’ve been saving up over the past few months so that I could make it here for Stray Kids. I’ve never been so excited for a concert before!!” – Ignacia Arteaga, 22, Mexico


“I have been into KPOP since 2011 when I first got into 2NE1 and BIG BANG, I absolutely adore KPOP and Korean culture! When I first heard ‘Hellevator’ by Stray Kids I was instantly hooked and I instantly stanned them. I’ve kept up with all their music releases and in my opinion, they just keep getting better and better! I live here in Houston so when I saw the announcement of the tour and saw that they were coming to Houston, I totally freaked out! Of course I wasn’t going to miss out on this amazing opportunity to see Stray Kids in my city!” – Alex Medina, 26, Texas



The venue glowed as STAYs held up their fandom light sticks and chanted along to every song as Stray Kids took the stage at 7:30 pm. The sold-out venue erupted with screaming, cheering, chanting, and many STAYs held up fan signs and banners to show their love for the boys. Stray Kids and STAYs both filled the atmosphere with high energy as they performed songs including their heavy beat-drop debut “Hellevator” and their intense choreography track “District 9”.

After the show came to an end, we met up with fellow STAYs after the concert to get their recap of what they thought of Stray Kids performance!

“I can’t stop shaking! Stray Kids are my favorite KPOP band and I never thought I would be able to see them here in Texas. I have dreamed about tonight for the past few months and they still exceeded my expectations! I’m completely blown away by their performance and will continue to love and support Stray Kids for as long as I live!” – Ashleigh Williams, 16, Texas


“I have been to a lot of KPOP concerts and I can truly say that Stray Kids were very compassionate towards their fans ‘STAYs’. They were constantly posing at us when we had our phones out, smiling and waving at the people at the top balcony, blowing kisses and finger hearts at us, and really went above and beyond with their fan service. I adore Stray Kids but after tonight I love them even more, I didn’t even think that was possible! Completely blown away by them!” – Laura Wilson, 22, Texas


“Tonight is a night I’m going to remember for a long time. My friends and I waited in line since 8 am and we made friends with other STAYs! We all got to be in the front of the pit and I love how much we all bonded even though we just met today. We all screamed so much that I’m losing my voice, but it was so worth it! Stray Kids are very energetic performers and we definitely felt that through our bodies. They put on such a great show, I have so much love for Stray Kids and my fellow STAYs! I already know I’m going to have bad post-concert depression tomorrow!” –


K-popped! gives thanks to SubKulture Entertainent for their permission to let us cover Stray Kids UNVEIL TOUR “I am…” in Houston!

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