Tips for the Ultimate K-Pop Inspired Wedding Of The Year

Indeed, one of the biggest trends of the millennium is the Korean Wave also known as K-Pop. As one of the most beautiful countries and at the same time one of the countries with the most colorful culture, Korea’s popularity is beyond question.

For many, the fascination for Korean culture and aesthetic has grown so strong to influence them in their daily lives. From skin care essentials and makeup products to boy bands and girl groups, the world of K-Pop has greatly influenced people who admire their craftsmanship and creativity.


This is the reason why more and more people are joining in the latest trend in weddings: K-Pop-inspired wedding ceremonies. In this article, we have gathered some of the best tips to help you plan your future K-Pop-inspired wedding. Continue reading below to learn more about these helpful tips!


Tip #1: Find A Scenic Spot For The Wedding Venue


If you are going to hold an indoor wedding ceremony, it is best to choose a venue big enough to accommodate fancy decorations. Nothing says K-Pop more than colorful and elegant backdrops. If you have any favorite K-Pop band, you can go ahead and find inspiration in their music videos. You can recreate those iconic decorations to make the wedding venue true to the K-Pop vibe you are going for.


On the other hand, if you decide on an outdoor wedding ceremony like a beach wedding, you must also consider many things. First and foremost, check the weather. Monitor your local weather station and ask for weather forecasts. Do your best to choose a date when the weather is not too hot, not too windy nor too rainy.


Same with what was mentioned above, take advantage of scenic locations to recreate your favorite K-Pop videos. Just ensure that you coordinate with your local events rental company and consider renting some large tents and decorations. Hawaii vacation rentals offer a wide variety of wedding and event essentials that can help you make your wedding venue a lot more elegant.


Tip #2: Consider Traditional Korean Wedding Couture


Since you are going for that Korean vibe, why not make it more authentic by donning traditional Korean wedding couture on your wedding day? Get inspired by the details and style of Korean wedding dresses by incorporating some of the major elements in your own bridal gown and even on your groom’s attire.


You can get more playful and creative with your entourage. They can wear colorful and rich colors inspired by the Korean Hanbok. Just make sure that your wedding dress, as well as the attire of your entourage, is comfortable. Never compromise comfort for the sake of fashion. If the wedding ceremony is going to be held outdoors, like the beach, choose a fabric that is light and flowing. This will not only keep you and your entourage easy and breezy but will also make for aesthetic free flowing shots thanks to the windy sea air.



Tip #3: Have A K-Pop Inspired Photoshoot


Last but not least, a K-Pop wedding will not be complete without a K-Pop inspired pre-wedding photoshoot. K-Pop inspired shoots do not have to be expensive. You can just look for a cozy, well-lit place and ask for the post processed edits to incorporate soft neutral tones for that K-Pop look.


You and your soon-to-be spouse can wear casual yet stylish Korean inspired outfits to go with the desired theme. Add on some fluffy bonnets and bangs and you are ready for a shoot!

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