Daily Korean Skin Regimen For A Fresh Healthy Glow

Some of the most beautiful women in the world, with the healthiest looking skin, are Korean. This is due to a centuries old treatment routine that helps refresh and maintain the healthy glow of younger looking skin.

Genetics may have a small part to play in the luminous skin of the Korean people, however, most of the stunning results come from a daily skin care routine that is passed down from generation to generation.

The Korean skin care regimen is a daily commitment, but the results are worth the work. The international popularity of this multi-step process is enough to prove that it works, if you work it. In Western countries, we are starting to see an increase in the number of Korean beauty products in stores, as well as popular YouTube videos and guides on how to use them.

The skin experts at Dermmedica recommend that if you want to have creamy, luxurious, younger looking skin, follow these steps at home on a daily basis to get the best results.


Oil Cleansers

The first step is to remove all of your makeup with a gentle oil based skin cleanser. This will help draw out impurities in your skin and break down the chemicals found in makeup.


Water Cleansers

Cleansing is so important that it requires two steps. Follow your first cleansing with a water-based cleanser to help remove dirt and sweat that has been built up on your skin. The oil-based cleansers are better for chemical removal, where water cleansers deal with natural elements.



To really get that healthy glow, you need to rid your skin of unhealthy or dead skin cells. Use a mild exfoliant at least twice a week following cleansing. The dermabrasive process will help smooth out skin and generate collagen production. This will give you a brighter, smoother skin tone. Exfoliation also helps your skin to absorb moisturizing and repair products.



Using a soft cloth or cotton swab, apply toner to your skin in soft upward sweeps. Toner can help balance the pH of your skin and repair damaged tissue. You will notice a more even complexion with regular use.



Beauty essences come in many forms depending on your skin type. You can use concentrated serums that can have anti-aging properties and help your overall complexion. Products containing hyaluronic acids are popular for helping to maintain a healthy looking glow.



If essense is important to your skin, then treatments are completely vital. These vitamin rich serums and boosters help you to treat problem areas and even out your skin complexion. Eliminate fine lines, acne and issues with skin pigmentation with the right treatments for you.



Deep conditioning is essential for getting the best looking skin. A sheet mask is the best of both worlds for letting you relax and destress while your face undergoes a deep moisture treatment. With the long lasting skin contact of a sheet mask, your skin has more time to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and moisture. Look for masks that contain green tea and cucumber for a refreshing facial treatment.


Eye Cream

One of the best ways to look and feel young is to treat your eyes and the skin around them. The tissue surrounding the eyes is so delicate that it needs its own attention. To eliminate dark circles and puffiness, try a concentrated eye serum containing ginseng.



Nothing is more important for keeping your skin healthy than moisturizer. Choose a product that serves your skin type the best and apply at generously at least twice per day. You can also apply a more concentrated cream at night to help hydrate while you sleep. Proper moisture levels can help plump and rejuvenate your skin while helping you look younger and fresher.



The harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays can do a lot of damage to the delicate skin on your face. Always wear sunscreen, even if you don’t spend a lot of time outdoors. Save money by using a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. Use products that have a minimum of a 30 SPF for the best protection.

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