[Event Coverage] Monsta X dazzles fans at KL concert

After being greeted warmly by Malaysian Monbebes at KLIA, the boys of Monsta X lit up Stadium Malawati as part of their ‘We Are Here’ world tour on 22 June 2019.

Long before the concert started, fans started gathering in the morning, eagerly awaiting the Starship Entertainment boy group.

Unfortunately, member Wonho was unable to make it as he forgot his passport (though he did manage to catch a later flight to Kuala Lumpur and participated in the post-concert via V-Live).

The remaining members apologised for his absence and promised to make up for it with their performances – and they didn’t disappoint.

Shoot Out kicked things off with a bang, as Monbebes lit up the stadium with the official (and unofficial) lightsticks, before they launched into Hero.

Fans were treated to a variety of performances – cute, sexy, charismatic – from an aegyo-filled Neol Hada, to an intense rap and drum performance from Jooheon and Changkyun as part of the unit stages.

Sadly, Shownu was unable to perform Mirror, his song with Wonho, though he did give fans a taste of what it would have been like.

There were two fanservice-filled VCRs: the first had each member showcasing their hobbies to the fans, from making coffee to cooking and even working out. Wonho even offered to give Monbebes a massage, resulting in loud squeals.

The second VCR cast each member as one of the Seven Deadly Sins – with more dark and sultry overtones, each member had a chance to showcase their acting skills a little more, and give fans a chance to piece together the stories involved in the Alligator and Shoot Out music videos.

Other hits performed included Mohae, Jealousy, Dramarama, Fallin’ and Alligator, which was supposed to be the final song, but the cheers of the fans lead to them being treated to a triple-encore.

Member Hyungwon took the the stage as his DJ persona, DJ H.One, turning the stadium into a club. There was a slight glitch – the electricity shut off twice, and fans cheered for Hyungwon who tried his best to keep it going, in addition to Jooheon who kept the energy up and filled the silence by beatboxing.

Throughout the night, the members were full of fanservice, saying how much they loved the fans, and how sorry and guilty they felt for Wonho’s absence, promising to return to Malaysia as seven.

Shownu thanked Malaysian Monbebes for celebrating his birthday with him, adding that as his birthday was at this time of the year, it would usually be spent with fans (performing).

Towards the end, Jooheon kept asking the fans not to cry, sweetly saying that he would start crying too.

We wish the boys all the best, and we hope that Wonho was able to enjoy his few hours in KL – we hope to see them again soon!

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