Great Things To Do In Los Cabos, Mexico

There are not many getaway destinations that are as picturesque and magnificent as Los Cabos for the entire duration of the year. Los Cabos is an incredible place to visit, one that is quickly gaining a lot of popularity due to the different interesting things that can be done there. According to, accommodations are world-class and it is impossible not to find some things to do that you will simply love.

In the past, Los Cabos was famed for its beautiful beaches and big-game fishing. Nowadays, it grew and it has a lot more to offer. Activities and attractions options are countless in a paradise that can only be described as being sun-kissed.

If you are considering traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico, you surely want to know about the great things that you can do there. With this in mind, here are some that are praised by travellers from all around the world.


Go Whale Watching

There are between 5 and 10 thousand whales that travel to Los Cabos from Arctic feeding grounds in order to breed. This is really close to Baja California Sur. You can enjoy grey and humpback whales as the two species that are the most common in Los Cabos. However, you can also see orcas, sperm whales and blue whales from time to time.

The official whale watching season is between the middle of December and the middle of March. This is where practically all cruise boat operators and adventure companies have daily excursions for whale watching. There are also some companies that include hydrophones. This will allow you to listen to the whales, not just see them.



If you love partying, you should know that Cabo San Lucas is actually famous for the heavy nightlife. This scene was pioneered in the 1990 thanks to Sammy Hagar. He opened Cabo Wabo Cantina together with his mates from Van Halen.

You can so easily enjoy partying in Los Cabos, which is something that few people expect when they get there. It is not uncommon to see celebrities like Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley since they actually have nightclubs and restaurants in the area.


Big Game Fishing

The record for the largest Cabo San Lucas blue marlin caught is 1,213 pounds. In order to catch that fish, the vacationer spent 28 hours battling the fish. While most of the local catches are not going to be arduous, you can still fish some big ones.

A big reason why Los Cabos started to become popular as a destination for tourists was because of blue and black marlin fishing. There are numerous fishing tournaments held, with many welcoming guests from all around the world.


Reach The End Of The World

If you visit Los Cabos you can also check out “Land’s End”, which is right at the end of Baja California peninsula, which is 750 miles long. This is the demarcation point between the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. You can enjoy some pretty remarkable views here during nightly sunset cruises. However, if you want to get closer to the end of the world, you can always take water taxis, which are locally known as pangas. If you feel adventurous, try the tandem kayak tours.


World-Class Golfing

Jack Nicklaus, a legendary golfer, managed to put this destination on the map during the early nineties. He designed some remarkable layouts at El Dorado and Palmilla, together with a Cabo del Sol golfing masterpiece. This was not actually enough as three more golfing gems were then designed.

One thing that few people know is that 4 of the top 150 best golf courses in the world are located in Los Cabos: Querencia, Cabo del Sol Ocean Course, Quivira and Diamante Dunes Course. While Querencia is private, you can enjoy Cabo del Sol since it is available for everyone.


Off-Road Adventures

In the 1960s, Baja California became renowned in the world of off-roading because of Baja 1000, which was a really difficult endurance race taking people through really challenging mountain and desert terrains. This is an iconic race that attracted so many participants in the past, including superstars like Paul Newman, Robbie Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Steve McQueen.

If you want to enjoy the thrill and overall incredible experience of off-roading in Los Cabos without going for a 1000 miles commitment, there are other adventurous options that are available. This includes dune buggy jaunts and various desert races.


Baja Style Fish Tacos

Fish tacos have their origins in Mesoamerica, which is now lost and just available through what we learned from the Mayan codex. However, this comfort food was highly popular along the years and the modern version is what was created during the 1950s. Go to Baja and try some fish tacos that are cooked with freshly caught fish. You get access to traditional preparations and the taste is simply incredible.



Few people know this but shopping is incredible in San Jose del Cabo. You get access to incredible nightlife in Cabo San Lucas but if you are a serious shopper, you can find incredible resort style clothing, souvenir bargains and regional crafts. Distrito del Arte is where you want to go since that is where you find incredible boutique galleries and can find numerous things from contemporary sculptures to Mata Ortiz pottery. If you visit Plaza Artesanos you can enjoy numerous handicrafts like hammocks and blankets. For resort style clothing, you can go to Plaza del Pescador.

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