Let Me Love, Coffee : Love yourself, if you want to be loved

Let Me Love, Coffee is a 12-episode romantic fantasy drama starring Yong Jun-hyung (Monstar), Kim Min-young (Temperature of Love, Queen of the Ring), Chae Seo-jin (Girls’ Generation 1979, Be Positive) and Lee Tae-ri (The Beauty Inside, The Moon that Embraces the Sun). This is a story about an average looking girl who turns into a beauty after drinking a magical cup of coffee, and a handsome webtoon artist who does not believe in love.

Lee Seul-bi (Kim Min-young) is an aspiring webtoon artist. She is average looking and chubby, but has the kindest heart. She works as an assistant to the popular webtoon artist, Im Hyun-woo (Yong Jun-hyung). She has had a crush on Hyun-woo for a long time, but has never confessed her feelings. Hyun-woo is talented and handsome, making him popular with girls, but he tends to be cranky and direct. One day, Seul-bi drinks a magical cup of coffee that transforms her into a beauty. She names the beautiful version of herself ‘Oh Go-woon’ (Chae Seo-jin) and approaches Hyun-woo to develop a romantic relationship with him. However, when the caffeine leaves her body, she transforms back into ordinary Seul-bi and has to hide before anyone finds out her secret. Will Seul-bi succeed and find true love with the cup of magic coffee? Will Hyun-woo still love her when he learns the truth?

This exciting story of a modern day Cinderella will bring you laughter and keep you on your toes, as we watch a girl chase and hide from the love of her life. The drama also conveys the important message of self-love and accepting yourself for who you are.

Kim Min-young is a rising actress who has earned recognition for her realistic acting. Her performance in the iconic all time best-selling film Sunny made a lasting impression on the audience, and she continued to showcase her talents in a variety of roles. Let Me Love, Coffee also marks Kim Min-young and Yong Jun-hyung’s second production together since Monstar, in which they played classmates.

Chae Seo-jin made her acting debut as a child actress in the 2006 drama series Over the Rainbow. She went on to widen her repertoire, starring in musicals and films, including My Brilliant Life and Overman. Her web drama Be Positive received great response and is one of the most watched web series ever.

Let Me Love, Coffee will premiere on K-PLUS starting 13 June 2019, Thursday at 9.15pm SGT, New & Exclusive. New episodes will air weekly on Thursday & Friday at 9.15pm SGT. English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles are available.

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV IndiHome, DENSTV, Astro GO, Easy TV, SKY Cable

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