Level Up : Restructuring comes with complications, will romance be one of them?

Level Up is a 12-episode workplace romance comedy starring Sung Hoon (My Secret Romance, Oh My Venus), Han Bo-reum (Memories of the Alhambra, Go Back Couple), Cha Sun-woo (Less Than Evil, Reply 1994) & Danny Ahn (Big Issue, Romance of 7 Days). This is a romance comedy that stems from the partnership of a restructuring expert and a game lover while trying to save a dying company.

Ahn Dante (Sung Hoon) is a director who specializes in restructuring companies. He is expressionless, cold-blooded but is excellent at work, and his charm is something that people around him simply cannot resist. To save the game company Joy Buster from bankruptcy, Dante is sent there as their new CEO. Shin Yeon-hwa (Han Bo-reum) is head of game development at Joy Buster. She works on a new game to satisfy CEO Ahn Dante, but they come into conflict on pretty much everything.

Sung Hoon last played a leading role in the popular “My Secret Romance” in 2017, and he also starred in the well-received “The Sound of Your Heart 2” released last year. Sung Hoon’s perfect take on his character Ahn Dante, who has lived his entire life in his own little bubble, with sharp visuals and a cold demeanour will mesmerize viewers through the drama. Sung Hoon has talent, technique and flair to perfectly capture his character’s masculine qualities, adopting an authoritarian composure and confidence. Fans of Sung Hoon and romance comedies will love his comeback as lead in this title.

Known for her role in “Go Back Couple”, Han Bo-reum recently appeared in hyped dramas like “Memories of the Alhambra” and “Children of a Lesser God”. Level Up marks her first ever leading role in a drama. Watch Han Bo-reum deliver an enthralling portrayal of defiant femininity as a woman in the gaming industry. Viewers can look forward to seeing her as a cool and lovable character in the drama.

The drama between cold Ahn Dante and passionate Shin Yeon-hwa will double the excitement with Sung Hoon and Han Bo-reum’s great chemistry and their unmatched teamwork. This drama also stars idols-turned actors Danny Ahn (g.o.d) and Baro (B1A4). Both Danny & Baro are recognized for their outstanding acting skills, which will add excitement to viewers’ expectations.

Level Up will premiere on K-PLUS starting 11 July 2019, Thursday at 8.00pm SGT, within 24 hours of Korea. New episodes will air weekly on Thursday & Friday at 8.00pm SGT. English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles are available.

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV IndiHome, DENSTV, Astro GO, Easy TV, SKY Cable

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