Super Junior D&E Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2019 – Dangerous duo

The last time some members of Super Junior were in town to perform was back in January 2018 for a group concert (the K-Wave Music Festival 2). Naturally, Malaysian ELFs were excited when it was revealed that Donghae and Eunhyuk will hold a concert here as their first stop of D&E’s Asia tour.

The “Super Junior D&E Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2019″ was a delightful celebration of the sub-unit’s discography, brimming with both Donghae and Eunhyuk’s charisma as well as cheekiness. The audience also got an entire set list which mirrored that of the same concert in Seoul much to the excitement of ELFs. Many, who came armed with their blue Super Wand (or “Super Bong”, the official lightstick name for Super Junior) which were bluetooth enabled to be in sync with the music at the concert.

D&E both shimmer and shimmy during the opening 

D&E kickstart the evening looking absolutely dashing in white and performing to a new song which the crowd lapped nonetheless. This was then followed with Circus, a hype hip hop dance track, as they put on their shimmering gold suits. It was definitely more musically-driven than the usual Super Junior affair (which is usually entertainment-driven), despite only the duo being present. That said, it was far from uneventful.

Eunhyuk with his sexy back while Donghae shows off his sexy front

The lads appear to have a great time with their performances, even taking turns to have some cooked ramyun during I Love It and targeting the crowd with their water guns during Dancing Out. They were also going around the stage with their motor-powered scooters!

When a fan was spotted leaving her seat, Eunhyuk was quick to call her out and tried to stop her, “hey, hey, hey, where are you going?” He ended the conversation with a hilarious warning, “we watch you, we always watch.” Poor fan though, maybe she badly needed a toilet break?

Who wants a ride with Eunhyuk?

Entertaining VCR clips were also being shown (perhaps with some aid from fellow Super Junior member, Shin Dong who usually directs their Super Show concert VCR clips) with compelling plots complete with action sequences. Shin Dong also featured in their encore VCR clip seemingly inspired by music videos from the 80s with old font, sexy times music and brilliant comedy!

Super Junior D&E performing Watch Out, here they come!

The night went on with their more provocative songs such as Danger, Watch Out and Rum Dee Dee. Not forgetting the crowd favourites like Growing Pains and also a very smooth transition from Oppa Oppa to Choki Wa. They also showed a slightly different side with the slower Evanesce II.

Biker outfits for the Motorcycle stage

The duo also took some time to address the crowd from time to time with Donghae making ELFs swoon with his caring words (including plenty of interaction in Chinese) while enthusiastic Eunhyuk fishes for laughter. An impromptu One More Chance duet between D&E and ELPs also occured when the fans were chanting for a Super Show next.

As the concert drew to an end, Eunhyuk reminded everyone that Kyuhyun will be discharged soon (who has since released his solo single album, The Day We Meet Again on 21 May 2018) and then the collective members would gather for a comeback soon! Well, pretty sure ELFs are looking forward to that as much as they are. Do come back to Kuala Lumpur soon!!

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