[Event Coverage] Hyolyn proves why she’s one of Kpop’s best vocalists at her KL concert

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

‘Wow!’ That sums pretty much what we have to say after Hyolyn’s first solo concert in Malaysia, as part of her 2019 HYOLYN 1st World Tour [TRUE] on 28th June 2019.

She was formerly know as Hyorin, and she was the main vocalist of the now-disbanded girl group SISTAR.

Often called the Korean Beyonce, Hyolyn’s powerful vocals lit up Dewan Wawasan last Friday as she launched into her first song, Paradise, before continuing with Dope and To Do List.

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

“It’s my very first tour as a solo artist, and I think many of you haven’t heard a lot of my solo songs, so I’ve prepared a lot for you,” said Hyolyn, who performed two of her earliest solo efforts, Massage and One Way Love.

“I was very involved in making and producing the songs, and I think you’ll see how much I’ve grown and understand me a little better.”

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

It was also great to see her diverse group of backup dancers who’ve been with her for the tour, as well as in her music videos for Dally and SEE SEA, and Hyolyn gave each of them a chance to introduce themselves to the roaring crowd.

The crowd cheered as Hyolyn began a medley of SISTAR songs (we teared a little internally), from SISTAR19’s Ma Boy (everyone sang along to the ‘Ma Boy~~ part), to SISTAR hits like I Swear, Touch My Body and Shake It. If a SISTAR member (or members, we can hope) had appeared, we can’t imagine what the crowd’s reaction would have been like.

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

It is a testament to Hyolyn’s skills as a solo performer, because even without the other three ex-SISTAR members there, she still managed to pull of the songs on her own.

K-drama fans also rejoiced as Hyolyn sang not only one, but two of her famous OST hits – Goodbye/Annyeong from megahit My Love From The Stars/You From Another Star, and Crazy Of You from the zany (and sometimes scary) Master’s Sun.

Hyolyn said she specially picked Crazy Of You for the Asian leg of the tour, and that it was one of her favourite songs to perform.

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

Hyolyn slid into a sultry performance of 2018’s Dally, with her provocative and polished dance moves sending fans into a frenzy, as everyone sang along and waved their lightsticks.

“Dally is a song where I got to be involved in both the music and the choreography, so when you guys show it love, it makes me love it even more,” said a smiling Hyolyn.

It wasn’t just the music that drove fans wild – Hyolyn had also prepared a few special events for fans. While everyone received a poster, 50 lucky fans received autographed versions. Another event was when Hyolyn announced that 5 fans would be chosen through a lucky draw, to come up on stage with her – and to bring their phones.

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

While the first fan was called up without any problems, hilarity ensued as Hyolyn kept picking seat numbers where there were no fans, with the audience happily calling out “Eopseoyo/Nobody there!” and Hyolyn laughing at the whole situation.

In the end, five lucky women joined her onstage, where she took a video of herself saying their names and “I love you” in English and Bahasa Malaysia. That’s not all – 10 lucky fans were also chosen by lucky draw to receive a copy of her latest single, You Know Better.

Phones were whipped out as she walked through the crowd singing Blue Moon, as everyone tried to catch a glimpse of her.

Charismatic solo songs showed her versatility – and English skills – with her cover of SIA’s Chandelier (complete with sexy dance break) and Camila Cabello’s Havana.

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

Hyolyn said it was an “indescribable feeling” to perform her latest single, You Know Better (released in May this year), and that “I made this song knowing that people are in pain, in the hopes that it helps them heal.”

Introducing the summery and flirty SEE SEA, the 28-year-old (29 in December!) said it had been a long time since she saw her Malaysian fans, and asked if everyone would like to visit the sea with her (a resounding yes). To commemorate her first concert in Kuala Lumpur, Hyolyn and her dancers took a wefie with the crowd.

After her final song, BAE, fans cried out for an encore, and Hyolyn delivered with a laid-back performance of 2016’s Love Like This, before going crazy with an insane cover of Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariane Grande’s Bang Bang. While Hyolyn’s vocals are no joke, her rapping skills impressed.

Photo: Julien Chen for K-Popped!

“Thank you to all the fans and everyone who worked on this concert. If it wasn’t for everyone here, I wouldn’t be on stage, and I’ll repay your love with better songs and performances,” said Hyolyn, before bidding fans goodbye and saying she loved them in Korean and Bahasa Malaysia.

Come back to Malaysia soon Hyolyn!

2019 Hyolyn 1st World Tour [TRUE] was organised by WeMedia and Soul9sProduction.

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