Getting To Know ‘Avengers Mask Cover Vocal Team’

We recently discovered these 3 amazing vocalists known as Avengers Mask Cover Vocal Team on YouTube, who do some of the best covers of Korean hit songs and we’d like to share their videos with all of you!

Sporting the masks of Captain America, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, these three seem to be the undiscovered ‘superheroes’ in remaking  hit songs.

With their clear voices and sweet harmony, coupled with instrumental skills, the Avengers Team shows us that there are still many undiscovered talents waiting to be discovered out there.


First up is their cover of Cherry Blossom Ending, originally by Busker Busker. This is a pretty famous song, but they have changed the melody to better suit their vocal style. Love it!


They have also covered Park Hyo Shin‘s latest release, Wild Flower. A pretty mellow ballad to soothe your tired souls on a rough day.


Last but not least, the Avengers Team have also remade Taeyang‘s Eyes, Nose Lips. Another great cover to add to our list of great covers for this popular song!


Now that you have been acquainted with the Avengers Team, do follow them on Facebook or subscribe to their channel on YouTube for more updates! We also hope they come up with more great covers soon!

Do share with us which one of the superheroes is your favourite in the comments below!

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