[Press Conference] VIXX’s Leo back in Malaysia as a Solo Artist

VIXX’s Leo is back in Malaysia as a solo artist and one of the performers for the K-Performance Show 2019.  Speaking at the Press Conference held a day before the 2 day show in KLCC Plenary Hall, Leo admits that he feels strange travelling and promoting alone, without the rest of the group, nevertheless, vows to perform his best for the fans who will be coming to see him.

“As a solo artiste, I do miss the other members. When I reached Malaysia last night, seeing the fans who had waited for me at the airport, welcoming me so warmly, makes me feel a bit guilty as I came alone and that we (VIXX) haven’t performed as a group in Malaysia for quite a while. Even though I will be performing alone for this trip, I will definitely give the best for all the Starlights (VIXX’s fan club name)”.

The singer, who arrived late last night admits that his favourite Malaysian dish is the nasi lemak and that he has had it twice in a day and apologizes for not being able to sight see in Malaysia as a tourist.

“Because of my tight schedules, I haven’t had the time to go sight seeing in Malaysia yet. But if I do get a chance, I would like to visit the palace as I have only seen it in pictures.”

Leo will be performing at the K-Show Performance 2019, Saturday session. Other performers includes JUMP, The Painters, and Sachoom.