3 Things You Can Do with a College Sports Degree

So you’ve gained your sports qualification from years of education, and now you’re hoping to do something substantial with it. Subsequently, a big question arises, what can you do with your well-earned sports degree?

  1. Become a Fitness Specialist

If you’re wanting to carry your sports and fitness expertise over to a variety of clients and have the opportunity to work in many different places, becoming a fitness specialist is a brilliant option. The educational requirements for a fitness specialist are varied, but a base degree in sports can usually guarantee a great number of opportunities. There are further official certifications you can gain which will look more impressive to a potential employer, but it’s not imperative.

Your duties in this role would usually include working for organizations, such as health clubs, and tailoring training or fitness sessions for clients, assisting people in reaching their fitness goals. You will also be required to assess the physical condition of the people you work with.


  1. Run Your Own Sports Business

Whatever you want to do in sports, you can truly make it your own by starting up your own business. This will give you the opportunity and flexibility to work for yourself and run your career how you want it to be run. There are naturally many things to consider when deciding to run your own business, not just within the sports industry, such as:

  • Do you need business premises, or can you work remotely?
  • If you need premises, can you afford the running costs, such as utility bills?
  • Are you looking to hire a team or would you like to be an independent sports professional?


With self-employed sports positions, it may be the case that you’ll commonly be on the road and working in various locations without the need for a business office. However, if you’re considering a sports retail business or the like, you can research your various options for rental and utility costs. Look into commercial utility suppliers like Utility Bidder to better direct you.


  1. Become a Sports Coach

Coaches help teams and individuals to improve the way they play sports, and this is achieved by close analyzing of a team’s skillset and working out ways to improve capabilities and motivate the team to perform the best they can. This is a perfect career move for those who prefer to be physically involved with the action of sports and work in the field with a team of dedicated players who will look to you for advice and productivity. Perhaps you had a favorite coach yourself during your college years, and this might have inspired you.

To be a coach, you need to have exceptional communication skills, enjoy working with people, and be willing to travel a lot, as well as working long, committed hours. You also need to be innovative and trained in how to get the best out of a sports team. On-hand experience is beneficial for this important role.

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